Monday, March 21, 2016

Sharing a layout - Hello Easter Bunny

Last week, I took a walk down memory lane and created a layout about Kelsey meeting the Easter Bunny in 1995 when she was just three years old. Granted, I didn't have a lot of specific memories about this particular event, but I was glad that I could share a couple of tidbits that I might not remember in another 20 years or so and that later generations certainly wouldn't know. Here's an example of a layout that only has a small story, but that's okay. I'm still glad I made it because I love the photo and wanted to preserve the tidbit that I did share. If you, like me, didn't take lots of notes when your kids were small, I still think it's a good idea to scrapbook some of those old pictures and tell what stories you do remember. A little bit is better than nothing.

I used a PL style card for my title and layered it with chipboard letters to make the title; y'all know that's one of my favorite approaches. I also included some chunky decorative eggs at the top of the title card. I like themed embellishments, and this helped cover up a wrinkle that had gotten in my card somehow. Oops! Finally, I added some word stickers for visual interest. I felt like the empty space there was just too empty without them.

My journaling only covers four small strips of paper, but I did manage to give the date and Kelsey's age as well as a couple of tidbits about our Easter traditions, the source of her outfit, and some things her Nana always did for her. It's not a long or sappy story, but it's still important to her childhood history.

I had a great time layering patterned papers for this layout. I started with a new piece of ombre paper (My Mind's Eye, I think) and then used some of my many 6 X 6 paper pads to create the layered background behind the photo. Because the edges of the title card were rounded, I also rounded the patterned papers; I think that created a more cohesive look than having squared off pages.  Only one of the papers is overtly themed for Easter, but I think it works because the print is still pretty small. The other patterns are floral or geometric in spring colors.

Here's the finished page. I had a great time including some old cardstock stickers as embellishments, a piece of old flair, as well as a 3-D bunny that I thought was just adorable. This layout is a great example of mixing old and new product - the papers are mostly new while the embellishments are all old. I don't think it looks dated at all though.

It felt so good to scrapbook last week that I'm missing the creative time that I've spent doing other things. Sure, I'm sometimes tired and sometimes out doing fun things, but my creative time really does feed my soul. I hope I can carve out some time this week to make some more things; I'm happier when I do.


  1. This layout (and picture) are completely adorable. The themed elements complement the story & photo well. :)