Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Studio Calico Warehouse Sale in Review

Last week, the Studio Calico Warehouse sale was held in my hometown. Once we got wind of it, my friends and I snagged some VIP tickets to shop on Thursday morning before it was opened up to the public. Tonia, Brenda, Amber, and I snapped a quick selfie in line to share on social media. If you shared a pic on social media and used the #studiocalicowarehousesale, then you got 50% off your total purchase except for grab bags and $1 items. Um, yes, please.

The shopping was a bit frenzied and overwhelming. The space was crammed with product, and there were a lot of excited ladies in there shopping. It was also crazy hot in there! At first, I thought I was having a hot flash, but then I realized women all over the store were fanning themselves and talking about the heat. Of course, lots of bodies + excitement + shopping + scrapbook supplies = hot, hot, hot. :)

This was the grab bag table in the middle of the store. You could choose either a $5 small bag or a $10 large bag and cram it full of whatever you wanted from this table. Um, yeah, I bought a small and a large one on my various trips.

It took forever to check out; we probably stood in our checkout line for an hour, seriously. Once that was finished, we headed over to Chuy's for lunch with a bunch of other ScrapGals. Tracie had called ahead and arranged a party room for us. It's a good thing, because we were LOUD. Like, I'm thinking everyone else in the restaurant probably hated us. Haha! Here are some of our during lunch pics with roughly 21 other ScrapGals.

 Of course, we had to snap some selfies while we waited for our food to arrive. And Tracie and I even did a little schtick for the group that was totally spontaneous. This pic cracks me up because I'm not even looking at the camera even though I'm taking the photo!

At least we're both looking in the same direction in this pic.

I went around to each table and took a selfie because I'm a nerd like that.

Before we left, we took a handful of selfies with the whole group. It was lots of fun, but not everyone squeezed in to the photo frame.

Before everyone left, I took several photos with different gals who'd driven down for the sale, and I even signed an autograph. How hilarious is that!!!! That's like my first and last one, I'm sure.

Because I know you're dying to see - here are some shots of the things I bought at the sale. Yes, I spent WAY too much money. Yes, I got a GREAT value for my money. Yes, I can't wait until they have another sale.

Here are the acrylic stamp sets I bought - 25 in all. These aren't counting any sets that might be part of kits I bought. I didn't pay more than $4 for any of these, and many of them were on the grab bag table.

These are the kits I bought - 1 12 X 12 monthly scrapbook kit, a December Daily kit, an Ali Edwards Story kit, and 3 SC embellishment kits. Most of these were nicely full and a good value, but the large scrapbook kit and one of the embellishment kits seemed pretty scant. I think I got a good deal, but I definitely wouldn't have been happy if I'd paid full price for them as a subscriber.

Here are more goodies that I snagged - packages of PL cards in 3 X 4, 4 X 6, 4 X 4, and 2 X 3 + 6 X 6 paper pads + a fuse tool + 2 other random stamps I found + 2 steel dies.

These are the rubons and diecuts and stickers and cutaparts pages I bought along with some embellishment packs.

A few 6 X 8 papers + letter stickers + wood veneer letters

Enamel dots + stickers + cutapart pages + wood veneer + ribbon

I bought 20 pieces of 12 X 12 paper, much of it either printed transparency or gold foiled - at 10 pieces for $1, I thought that was a pretty good deal.

Here's a pic of some random things I bought - page protectors for albums, trimmer blades, gold foiled mini-album insert, random 6 X 8 piece of paper, flair, an Ali Edwards canvas bag, and roughly 150 PL style cards that came from the grab bag section.

And here are the albums that I bought - four in the 6 X 8 size and one in a 4 X 6 size (I think). Two of these albums were just $1 each. They might not be perfect, but let's be real. These albums wouldn't be perfect after being on my shelves for a few days anyway.

If you're within 4 hours of driving or so, I'd say that coming to the Studio Calico Warehouse Sale would be totally worth your time if they host another one in coming years. I'm definitely happy with my scrappy purchases! :)


  1. Wow, looks amazing. I didn't realize that you got to fill your own grab bag - that's very cool. I hope you enjoy using your goodies as much as you did shopping for them.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I wondered what you and Tracie picked up! Nice job shopping and love the group photos too!

  3. Jealous. I would have thought I died and went to scrappy heaven. I love Studio Calico stuff.

  4. Awesome haul!!!!!!!!!! Happy for you, bummed I don't live anywhere nearby to attend. :-) I'd have gone bananas on the stamp sets, too.

  5. WOW!!!!!!!! how fun... teeeny bit jealous.... :) thanks for sharing!

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