Monday, October 29, 2018

Brand new online class coming Wednesday!

My brand new class, The Care and Keeping of You: A Six Week Intensive Journaling Workshop, begins on Wednesday, 10/31.  I hope you'll watch the promo video I embedded here and follow-up with any questions that you might have for me.  Here's a bit more information as you try to determine if you'd like to sign up for my class.

What do you get?
*Six journaling lessons, one will be released each week on Monday.
*Each lesson includes a slideshow with narration that lasts from 45 minutes to one hour.
*Each lesson also includes a printable journaling guide to help you implement the strategy I've described in the lesson.
*Three samples of my work incorporating each lesson; 15 of these samples are in a traveler's notebook format, and three of them are full-size 12 X 12 layouts (three released each week).
*Weekly facebook live videos to discuss any questions you have, group brainstorming sessions, etc.
*Private facebook group to discuss the lessons, ask questions, garner opinions, and share the work you make (available with the first lesson).
*An intro video (available with the first lesson) and a closing video (available at the end of the class) with my thoughts about the class topics.
*A video flipthrough of the projects that I made for this class (18 spreads total - available at the end of the class).
How much does it cost?
*$35 payable via PayPal (a one-time fee includes all of the instruction and interaction listed in the section above this one)
*ScrapGals 2018 Retreat attendees may access this online class as a complimentary supplement to the live version I taught at the retreat.

How do I buy it?
*Click the shop button above at the top of this blog entry and click on the graphic for this class. It will not show up as available until Wednesday afternoon, 10/31.

When are the Facebook live videos planned?
*The Facebook live videos are scheduled for Sunday afternoons at 3 pm central time
*The live sessions will take place on 11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 11/25, 12/2, and 12/9
*If you miss a live session, you will still be able to access the archived video in our private Facebook group
*In the event of a personal emergency, I will reschedule the video with advance notice placed in the private Facebook group

Please feel free to follow up here with any questions you might have about the class. I hope you join me for this workshop beginning Wednesday and cannot wait to work with you to improve the variety and depth of your journaling in your scrapbooks.


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