Saturday, April 28, 2018

Grapevine, Texas ScrapGals Retreat Review in Photos (Little Blue House craft store)

If you're ever in the Grapevine, Texas area, you should definitely stop in and visit the Little Blue House.

The samples that were hanging throughout the store were just darling and so was the decor.
The whole shop was well-stocked with new product and was a visual treat.

I loved these little banner kits that you could put out on your mantel for each of the seasons.

Even the classroom area was decorated well and was stocked with everything you could possibly need.

Aren't those painted jars holding craft supplies a lovely touch? I just wanted to hang out in the classroom space and stroke all the details.

This pallet wall covered with decoupaged scrapbook paper was divine.

I might actually be able to pull off something like this at my house - filing it away for a future project at some point.

I want to recreate this project too. Wouldn't this be gorgeous to make for Memorial Day from leftover ribbon and lace? (Or brand new ribbon and lace that just needs to start living at your house...)

Another shot of the classroom area - I brought all of the supplies for the fun, watercolored nametags we made, but they pretty much had anything we could have needed here in this classroom.

Aren't the displays delicious? And you can't even see all the brand-new lines that well in this pic!

I really liked that the samples showed how to incorporate products into traditional layouts, mini-books, home decor projects, and cards as well. There was something here to appeal to just about everyone.

Our gals did quite a bit of shopping...just saying.

I don't even really do this kind of crafty project, but this display was cute enough that I was ready to buy up a bunch of it. Thank goodness I had to fly home and couldn't indulge myself.

And the stitching corner...swoon!

A few glimpses of our make-n-take...

We had a great time visiting the Little Blue House! Go visit them if you're in the neighborhood or check out their online store her

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Grapevine, Texas ScrapGals Retreat - Review in Photos (Day 1 - Friday)

I thought it might be good to recount for you some of our adventures from our recent ScrapGals Retreat in Grapevine, Texas. Note that this is a photo-heavy post and might take a while to load depending on your connection.

Tracie and I left Nashville via a Southwest flight that was quite bumpy due to some turbulence from storms. Our landing in Grapevine was definitely not what I'd call "smooth."

On Friday morning, we headed out for several retreat related errands, then we met up with fellow ScrapGals to explore Grapevine a bit in the afternoon. Here I am ready for our sightseeing and acting goofy in the hotel room mirror.  (Side note: I totally need a big mirror like this at home to be able to see my entire outfit.)

Before we met the retreat-goers, Tracie and I snapped a selfie in a good spot in the hotel hallway by the elevators - no shame, lol!

Downtown Grapevine was lovely and quaint; I enjoyed getting to explore the shops a bit.

This historic log home reminds me of a similar structure in my hometown that is preserved as part of the Kentucky Museum at Western Kentucky University.

This group shot of us is so much fun!

More scenes from downtown Grapevine.

Shooting this fun selfie with Nikki made my day!

And I couldn't resist a group selfie as we rested and told stories along Main Street.

This grape arbor near the log cabin reminded me of a similar arbor that my great-grandparents had when I was growing up.

I love old theaters.

Can you even imagine walking to Texas? At any time of year...from any other's definitely not something I can imagine doing myself.

After our afternoon of browsing along downtown, we went to dinner at Babe's Chicken, a local favorite.

I loved the mismatched chairs they had lined up in front of the restaurant for the crowds that line up to eat there frequently.

And I don't think I've ever seen this much fried food on a plate before now! We had our choice of fried chicken or chicken fried steak. I tried a few bites of each and thought they did a great job with it.

The sides were also served family style - mashed potatoes, white gravy, green salad, corn, and biscuits were all on the menu with the meat choices.

The waitresses were sweet to snap photos of our tables while we were there.

And Tracie even posed with them for another pic! I was kind of trapped at the end of a table and missed out on this photo op. :)

After dinner, we drove to a nearby town and visited the Little Blue House. It was so amazing that I'll share about it in a different post. Fab.u.lous!

While we were there, we shopped a bit, made a make 'n take with our attendees, and even posed for a group pic.

After all that, I was ready to relax in preparation for our first full day of the retreat. I even bought some pineapple and flamingo pajamas in the hopes of scrapbooking these pics at some point - haha!

And that's a wrap for the opening of the Grapevine, TX 2018 ScrapGals Retreat! Check back soon for more pics and info about the fun we had.