Monday, April 24, 2017

The Currently List...

This list would be excellent fodder for a future layout, but for now I'll just share the list on my blog. Maybe I'll go back soon and put this into print form in a scrapbook. At least I'm capturing the 'in the moment' memories now, right? I think that's a good thing.

My trip to our first ever ScrapGals retreat in Salt Lake City later this week.

Hap and Leonard, Legion, The Voice, Harlots, and The Path

The Paris Architect and Make It magazine

Still trying to finish the Pretty Little Italy stitching even though I've started like five other stitching projects too, the 100 day sketching project, and the occasional scrapbook layout

Putting away clean laundry, mowing the yard, and going to the grocery

Smartfood white cheddar popcorn and Skippy peanut butter bites

Ed Sheeran channel on Pandora and Prince on Spotify

Following: (on Instagram)
@justine_painting_around, @pepper_creations, @maryomalleyart, @ginabahrens, @dandelyne, @gifthorsenashville

Kroger flavored carbonated water in peach, pineapple coconut, and kiwi strawberry

my bedtime, a backache, and perpetual procrastination

of peanut butter & chocolate ice cream, of my upcoming summer adventure, and of a kinder world

what/when I'll release my next online scrapbook class and my must-see list for summer travels

And since no post is ever complete without at least one photo, here's a look at a fab book my daughter bought for me at Half Priced Books and a few crafty goodies I picked up this week at Target.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The 100 Day Project - the first two weeks

Have you guys heard about the 100 day project? I'm not sure who started it, but I first heard of it by following the blog of Elise Blaha Cripe. Basically, you commit to some sort of crafty goal or endeavor for 100 days. It's the perfect way to practice a new skill or incorporate more craftiness into your life. One of the members of the ScrapGals facebook community started a thread and even a hashtag for all of us to share our 100 day projects. If you're interested in following along, you should totally join our facebook group or follow the hashtag (or me) on Instagram. The hashtage is #the100dayproject_scrapgals. I'd love it if you'd follow along or play along with us.

For my 100 day project, I decided to do a sketch every single day. Now, understand that I'm not a sketcher. I've never been someone who thought I could draw, but it's something I've always wanted to do. Agreeing to do this project and to share my work was really challenging to commit to, but I'm really glad I've pushed myself to do it so far. Usually, I select an image on Pinterest and then try to recreate it in sketched form. I even started a new Pinterest board called 100 Day Project; you're welcome to follow that too if you'd like. So far, I've only worked in pencil and watercolor, but I'd love to try other mediums as well.

For my blog, I thought it might be fun to check in every couple of weeks with the sketches that I've completed thus far. People on IG and on FB have been very encouraging and kind, so that has made it easier to share my work than I thought it might be. Hopefully, by the end of the 100 days, I'll feel confident in my sketching ability and will keep it up in other crafty projects I make. If you haven't followed along thus far, here are my sketches up to date. :)

**A couple of the dates are wrong on my sketches, but here they all are in their proper order -- I promise. :)

Okay, so I'm one day short of a full two weeks. Oops! I had a migraine yesterday and am running a day behind. Make do with a baker's dozen for now, and I'll pick up that extra day for the next round. Sometimes life just gets in the way, but I'm still really glad I've set this sketching goal and am continuing with the project.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Life and Times Update

Here's kind of a random posting for you of all the exciting (and fairly boring) happenings in my life (and my family's life) the last few weeks. My apologies for being rather absent on the blog lately; I'm struggling to keep up with all the projects I'm juggling and just haven't made it a priority. I promise to do better, okay?

Kelsey went with some of her dancers to a competition in Owensboro and sent me these adorable pics. Have I trained her right or what?

My bestie, Vonda, and I finally made it to the painting class that I gave her as a gift for her birthday in December. We had a great time, but I have to say I've never been to a painting class that didn't already have a sketch on it for me to paint. I was very intimidated by that empty canvas. Here, you can see the class and the progress I made on my piece. My dragonflies are kind of deformed, but I couldn't help it. I'm pretty sure this art piece will live at school since I don't love it enough to display it in my home.

Kelsey regularly sends me random pics with her dogs; here she is cuddling with Frankie. The next pic shows him napping with his tennis ball in his mouth so no one else will get it.

Some of my Nashville girls came up at the beginning of spring break, and we enjoyed dinner and drinks and laughter at The White Squirrel Brewery here in BG. It's always a great time with Doris and Tonia!

I spent a quiet spring break at home working on household projects and crafty projects and loved pretty much every minute of it.

One day during my break, Kelsey and I did a bit of shopping in Nashville for our upcoming trip to Europe together. Kelsey is helping chaperone my student trip, so I'm excited that we'll have that time with each other.

I finished my first online class during my spring break and released it on Sunday, April 9, 2017. I'm proud of my work and have been so excited at the positive feedback I've received from those who have taken it. Thanks for supporting me in my creative endeavors,y'all!
 I finally tackled some weeding in my front flowerbeds. Much more remains to be done, but at least I made a start. And look how green things are looking here in KY!

I put off mowing for the first time as long as I possibly could but began to worry my neighbors would set off after me with pitchforks if I didn't act soon. I'm like the only person on the planet who needs a new lawnmower battery every year. But look - I replaced it all by myself! Woohoo - woman power!

The fella had a birthday last weekend, so part of his gift was for the three of us to share two hours of virtual reality gaming at a brand new local business, Holodeck VR. It was a lot of fun, and I think it was a hit with him and his son. When it was my turn, I mainly just floated around the earth and looked at places I haven't visited like Egypt and the Arctic Circle. The rest of the time I took pics of them, surfed the web, and took selfies. Hahahaha!

Don't I kind of look like an alien with all that green light?

Charlie-dog got his hair done this weekend and looks great. He hasn't been feeling very well, lately. Last week, he got lost in the backyard at like 2:00 a.m. because he's lost most of his hearing and most of his vision. I think he became disoriented in the dark and just started wandering aimlessly in circles. I had to go out there and find him in the dark and bring him back inside. It's tough seeing pups get old like that, but I still think he's enjoying his life overall.

There are my last couple of weeks in a nutshell in case you were interested in the happenings in Lowderland recently. Catch you again in a few days! Ciao!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

PonTIFFications #3 - YouTube Video Share

Hey there! If you enjoy my random discussions, please go check out my newest episode of PonTIFFications. :)

(And how funny is that opening pic of me, right? Hahahaha! I kept changing it, but it kept defaulting back to this one. It must be fate!)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What I Wore - 2nd Edition

Several of you seemed to like the post I had in early February about what I'd been wearing the last few weeks, so I thought I might repeat that again today. Maybe it's a little bit fun for some of you who think we might have similar tastes or something, right?  :)  I haven't taken a picture every day or anything, but I think this is a good representation of what I wore the past six weeks or so. Like before, I'll tell you when and where I bought the pieces I'm wearing in the pics if I can remember.

If nothing else, these pics serve as a reminder that I desperately need another haircut; this hair is out of control! I like wearing it long, but I don't like when it ventures into potential 'sister-wife' territory. Hopefully, Kelsey can get around to a cut and color for me sometime next week while I'm on spring break. You might also be able to tell I was running low on my contacts because I'm wearing my glasses in many of the photos. With any luck, my new contact rx will arrive tomorrow, and I'll be all set for another year. Once they arrive, I'll only sport my glasses when I'm sick or headachey.

(And if you hate this kind of thing, sorry, just swing back by when I post something crafty instead, prob next week.  xoxo)

These photos are kind of in order since I uploaded them from my phone; the last photo, then, is the most recent case you care about that kind of thing.

Floral cardigan - Target clearance in January
Black tank top - Target last summer
Black skinny leg pants - Macy's 3-4 years ago (Seriously, I wear these at least once a week and don't know what I'll do when they finally wear out. They're Style & Co., but I haven't seen this cut and fabric since I bought them. These pants are like my spirit animal.)

Floral kimono and pom pon slippers - Christmas gift 2016

Red turtleneck short-sleeved sweater - Lane Bryant 2015

Floral print tunic/dress - boutique in Gallatin, TN last fall
Olive leggings - Cato a few months ago
Brown boots - Amazon last fall

While I love this tunic, I can see that it isn't very flattering on me. That's why I felt the need to include what I think is a cute selfie head shot. :)

Not a great angle, but I guess it's the best I could do that particular day.
Printed, black chiffon blouse - Kohl's circa 2015
Black pencil skirt - JC Penney circa 2015
Black suede loafers - Marti and Liz shoe store last year (brand is Clark's)

It's so hard to see details in this pic, but I really loved this outfit.
Black asymmetrical buttoned swing jacket - TJ Maxx, December 2016
Purple tank top - Lane Bryant, fall 2016
Black leggings - WalMart, fall 2016
Black boots - Amazon, fall 2016

Gray printed mock turtleneck tunic - Meijer's, fall 2015

Long, buffalo check dress - Old Navy, fall 2015
Black long sleeve tee - Target, fall 2015
Mardi Gras beads - New Orleans, circa 2005
Camper black ballet flats - BHV in Paris, summer 2015 (but you can order from Amazon too)

Black lace blouse - TJ Maxx, summer 2016
Black tank top and black pants - same as others I've listed earlier
Purple infinity scarf - WalMart, summer 2015
RayBan sunglasses - RayBan store, summer 2009 (I desperately need a new pair!)

Pink leather mules - circa 2000 (no clue where I got these, but I also have them in a celery green)

Cream ribbed sweater - Old Navy, winter 2015
Printed scarf - Madrid, summer 2016
Skinny jeans - Old Navy, fall 2016
(Ignore the giant hole in my afghan that you can see in this pic; looks like I need to replace that thing!)

I liked this outfit so much that I wore it the next day for a different dinner out with Kelsey - this time with a scarf I bought in Paris in 2015 - haha!
Suede moccasins - Marti and Liz shoe store

Black cocoon style sweater - Target, fall 2015
Animal print tank style tunic - Lane Bryant, fall 2015
Black pants - same fave ones from Macy's I listed earlier

Black striped jacket - Old Navy, fall 2015
Red turtleneck sweater - same one I mentioned earlier
Black pencil skirt from earlier on the bottom half of me :)

Gray turtleneck sweater dress with handkerchief hem - Old Navy, winter 2016

Black tiny houndstooth dress - Talbot's, fall 2015
Paisley scarf - Paris, summer 2015

Winter wool coat - Old Navy, winter 2014
Duck boots - Christmas, 2016 (ordered from Amazon)
Vera Bradley cross-body bag - Vera Bradley outlet, fall 2016 (K brought it to me from Oregon)

Black rosette dress - Macy's, fall 2010 (brand is Alfani, and it's one of my absolute faves)

Here's more of a closeup of the rosette trim at the neckline and cuff.

And there you can see my boots I wore with it - same ones I mentioned earlier. If I were going out somewhere fancy, I'd switch the boots with stockings and heels.

Gray, polka dot tennies - Target, spring 2017 (I want these in EVERY color! They are super comfy and only $22 each!)

Printed lace sleeve tunic - local boutique, summer 2015
Same black pants from Macy's that I love

Black babydoll dress - Old Navy, summer 2016
Chevron scarf (with hidden monogram) - WalMart, summer 2014
Black leggings that I mentioned earlier

Black printed skinny trousers - JC Penney, summer 2013
Coral ruffle-front blouse - Kohl's, summer 2013  (sorry I didn't get a pic of the whole thing)
Same black suede loafers I mentioned earlier