Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The 100-Day Project - days 14-34

These aren't posting in numerical order even though I've tried a couple of times - my apologies. Hopefully, you care more about seeing the sketches than whether they're truly in chronological order or not. Right? Am I right? Here's a look at days 14-34. (At least I think I managed to add all of them - whew, blogger is giving me fits today for some reason.) I hope you enjoy checking out my sketch results. :) 

Monday, May 29, 2017

What I wore - 4th edition

Sunglasses - Cato $6, Spring 2017
Animal print blouse - Kohl's
Black cropped pants - Lane Bryant
Black patent leather sandals - Clark's from Marti and Liz

Salmon and gray striped tshirt dress with handkerchief hem - Macy's, summer 2016
Multicolored necklace - ??

Gray tshirt with floral front - local boutique, spring 2017

Black knit babydoll dress - Old Navy, spring 2017
Bird scarf - TJ Maxx, spring 2017
Floral leggings - local boutique, spring 2017
Black Camper ballet flats - Paris, summer 2015

Official ScrapGals merchandise - spring 2017
Selfie necklace - gift in fall 2015

Red and white striped tee - Old Navy, spring 2017
White skinny jeans - Primark in Madrid, summer 2016

Black botanical babydoll knit dress - Old Navy, spring 2017
Pink cardigan - Old Navy, spring 2017

Black striped dress - Talbot's, summer 2015
White lacy cardigan - Kohl's, spring 2014
Pineapple necklace - belonged to my mother in the 1980s

Blue and white striped maxi sundress- Kohl's, summer 2014
Black short sleeved cardigan - Kohl's, summer 2014
Hibiscus floral sandals - Primark in Madrid, summer 2016

Navy floral tank - Ross, spring 2017
Navy cardigan - Kohl's, spring 2014
White skinny jeans - Primark in Madrid, summer 2016
Navy and white sandals - Cato's, summer 2015

 Asymmetrical taupe tshirt - Kohl's, spring 2015
Floral denim skirt - Ross, spring 2017
Brown sandals - Clark's, Marti and Liz
Pearl-style necklace - Cato's, spring 2017

Peach tunic - street market in Madrid, summer 2016
Floral leggings - local boutique, spring 2017

White cardigan - Target, spring 2016
Lavendar peplum style tank - Kohl's, spring 2014
Khaki cropped pants - Lane Bryant
White lace tennis shoes - Target, spring 2017

Taupe dress - Old Navy, circa spring 2014
Tropical print cardigan - Target, spring 2017

Black layered tank and sweater set with flyaway back - Lane Bryant, circa 2015
Black cropped pants - Lane Bryant, spring 2015
Silk scarf - Madrid street market, summer 2016

Black and white geometric print cropped pants - JC Penney, circa 2014
Black rosette print swing tank - Lane Bryant, spring 2017
Gray cropped cardigan - Old Navy, circa 2014

Pink print tunic style blouse - local boutique, circa 2014
Black skinny trousers - Macy's, circa 2012
Tassel style necklace - I made it in winter 2016

Blue babydoll knit dress - Old Navy, spring 2017
Multicolored necklace - boutique in Madrid, summer 2016
Patterned espadrilles - boutique in Madrid, summer 2016

And with that, May is pretty much a wrap in terms of wardrobe choices for me. :) I'll have to attend one meeting on Wednesday of this week, but I'm just going to go ahead and predict that it won't be photo worthy. Hahahaha!