Tuesday, March 22, 2016

10 Travel Sites I Love Right Now

If you love to travel like I do, then I think you'd really enjoy checking out these travel sites. I don't have any affiliation with any of them except as a user; they don't know I exist. Haha!


1.  The American Nomad    www.theamericannomad.com

2.  Spanish Sabores   http://spanishsabores.com/

3. The Everywhereist    http://www.everywhereist.com/

4.  Everything Everywhere (podcast + blog)  http://everything-everywhere.com/blog/

5. Adelante   http://www.adelanteblog.com/

Other Sites

6.  Utrip   https://utrip.com/

7.  Skyscanner   http://www.skyscanner.com/

8.  Flea Market Insiders   http://www.fleamarketinsiders.com/

9.  Lonely Planet  www.lonelyplanet.com

10. Travel and Leisure  http://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-articles

Let me know which ones you check out and like. Do you have any other travel sites that are fab that I haven't mentioned in this or a previous post? Please do share. I'm already so excited about my impending European trip with students and then my solo time in Madrid that I can hardly stand it!

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