Thursday, June 2, 2016

Throwback Thursday - "Summer Break"

How fabulously ordinary is this photo, right?Look at Kelsey's hair! And her little girl body! And that tough girl expression on her face! Check out the fact that her friend, Caitlin, has her swimsuit bottoms on backwards. And look how Caitlin at least is staring at the camera so you can see her entire face, unlike my child, of course.  I love this photo, and that makes me love this layout, even if there are things I would definitely change about it if I were to make it today.

Here, you can see my very simple title treatment. I think I made this layout around 2010 or so, but the photos are from the late '90s, probably 1999 roughly. I think Kelsey is about 7 years old in this pic, so that would place it in 1999. I'm certain it was taken in Florida on vacation, but I have no idea if it was Panama City Beach or Fort Walton Beach or Destin. Again, using what I remember, I'd guess this was taken in Fort Walton beach, but I can't be sure. Why not? Because I didn't do ANY journaling on this page. What was I thinking?! I guess it's possible that I didn't know for sure and didn't want to write it down incorrectly, but I think some journaling would have made a huge difference in the way I feel about this page and its importance to my scrapbooking and my memory. The title treatment here is just a simple tag - maybe from Making Memories - that was premade and that I attached with an eyelet. Lol - I'd never go to the trouble to set an eyelet on a page today!

I'm fairly sure this bit of flair was from a KI Memories line as was the patterned paper I used. Note that I used textured white cardstock as the base of the layout and just added some patterned paper for interest.

What I do love about this page is the variety and number of photos I included. These weren't good pictures, don't get me wrong, but I cropped them enough to bring attention to the important parts of the pics. I also love the combinations of people and scenes, even if the colors aren't that great. What I would give to be able to have full sized versions of these pics! I'm tempted to see if I could scan and enlarge the one of Kelsey and Caitlin because I have so many stories I could tell about the two of them growing up together.  I still love the simple, clean style I used to create this page. I still love the embellishments I chose. I still love the basic design. I'm stomping mad at myself for not including any journaling and for having to crop the pics so much since they weren't very good. I'm also bummed that I don't have the original pics or the negatives to reprint a couple of these gems.

It's still a fun walk down memory lane, and I'm still glad I at least have this page. Let this be a lesson to me to make sure I do some journaling on every future layout I make.  Happy summer break from 1999 and from 2016; I hope yours is off to a good start.   :)

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