Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer vacay in pics thus far

I finished the school year last Monday, so I've been on summer vacay right at a week now. Since I already posted about the loss of Lowder-dog last weekend, I'm not going to share anymore of those photos right now. (I'm still just too raw about it, really.) But I thought it might be fun to share with you my summer vacay in photos thus far.

My sweet girl spent a morning with me emptying out my classroom where I've spent the last 22 years of my life.

We worked on moving everything into my new classroom (with windows!!!!) and trying to make some sense out of the mess.

I actually had to go back another day and work on putting things in a bit more order so that the custodial staff could wax the floors more easily and the painting crew would have an easier time with the walls.

It doesn't really feel like home yet, but I'm sure that I'll settle in once school starts back in August. I warned Kelsey that we'd need at least one whole day just to get the giant, built-in bookshelves in an order that made me happy. She just looked at me - lol.

I held the last traveler meeting before we leave for Europe at Chuy's and ended up talking and demonstrating things to the group for almost two hours.

Check out that countdown people - it's even closer today!

And I entertained myself amidst my tears for Lowder-dog by snapping selfies as I watched television. Hahaha - I'm pretty lame, but I thought y'all might laugh. This is my sultry (eye makeup smeared from crying) look.

My grand-dog, Ollie, spent a day with me to help comfort me from my loss. She has a big personality but loves to snuggle.

Charlie-dog was not particularly impressed with Ollie's big-dog antics.

She looks so innocent here, right?

We spent an evening with my bestie at her property north of town. Here, the fella is loving on one of her German shepherds. She has a pair - male and female - that rule that household.

The next morning, her husband made from-scratch strawberry pancakes. I was pleasantly stuffed!

Here's a slightly less demented looking selfie in the exact same spot as the last one. Here, I'm a bit less emotional and smeared.

We spent Memorial Day at Beech Bend Park. The fella bought us all season passes, so we wanted to get some use out of them. I hung out at the pool section while he and the kiddo rode some rides. (I warned him that I'm not really a fan of riding rides, so he didn't press me to do that, thankfully.)

Charlie-dog has been pretty high maintenance with Lowder-dog gone. I guess he's feeling a little bit lonely. He hasn't been bad, just demanding. I totally understand that. ;)

While my summer vacation didn't start how I wanted with the loss of my sweet boy, I'm hopeful that it's all rainbows and travel and fun from here on out. I want to make the most of the next 70 or so days of freedom. What's your summer like so far? Has it even started yet?

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  1. School is still in session up here -- we get out sometime during the week after Father's Day. Kidlet and husband hang out over the summer while Cinderella has, um, I mean, *I* have the same work schedule as always. But, we're going to Maine the last week of June and to Disney the last week in August, so I do have some fun getaways to look forward to. :-)