Friday, June 3, 2016

April 2016 Midori Video Share

Today, I'm sharing my April 2016 Midori notebook via my YouTube video that I posted late last night. Please take a look and leave me some feedback if you are so inclined. :)

April 2016 Midori Video Share

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  1. Hey Tiffany, I just got back from our Spain trip and I wanted to tell you 3 things. I mean I could tell you many many things but I thought you would like to know the following:

    Hop on Hop off bus - We should have had multiple day passes so we wouldn't have to walk so much. 2 days out of 8 we walked 9+ miles - and they were on bus tours!!!!

    FREE walking tours thru Sandemans - you pay them a tip at the end.
    We had a tapas tour in Barcelona which included 3 bars with a 1 wine and 1 tapa at each venue.
    We did another the free walking tour in Madrid that was super awesome. Our guide must have been a theater major at some point...he was very entertaining. We also did a paid tour thru them that was equally good, just not as entertaining but I learned a lot about Spanish history.

    Lastly we used Amigo tours for side trips
    Barcelona - Parc Guell and Sangrada Familia
    Barcelona - Montserrat - wear good sneakers bc there are beautiful dirt trails to walk at the top of the cog rail train to the top of the mountain.
    Madrid - side trip to Toledo and Segovia. I'm sorry we did both in one day they were wonderful cities and I wish we had a full day.

    You will love Spain and I can't wait to see your photos!