Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sharing a layout - Paris and Vatican City and Traveling

I promised you some older travel layouts, so here are a few more for you to check out at your leisure.

This first couple of pages is incomplete, but it's the start of some pocket page scrapbooking that I plan to include in my travel album. These particular photos focus on Paris, highlighting some of the landmarks we visited on our trip in 2012. I won't do a lot of embellishing, but I will journal and add a few tidbits here and there.

See - there's nothing in the middle slots of this pocket page yet...

Here's a layout that I made about visiting Vatican City in Rome in 2010. Here's the left side:  (I know that's kind of busy paper to use, but it just felt appropriate for the time/place. Plus, it goes well with my dress. Lol!)

And here's the right hand side of the layout.  I really like how the pics are a combination of closeup people shots and of buildings and the more distant overview of the square. The juxtaposition of different kinds of photos on a layout really appeals to me.

Here's a closeup of the journaling in case you'd like to read it more easily.

One of the things I like about the Vatican City layout is that I used older product, but I don't think the layout feels very dated. That's important to me since I'll be mixing pics and products over the course of several years.

This is a really simple layout about the not so glamorous part of group travel in Europe - riding the old bus. Since we have a tendency to spend a lot of time on the bus, I thought it was worth documenting on a page. Besides, I loved this paper so much and it was perfect for this topic.

Here's a closeup of the tiny bit of journaling I included on this page.

Notice that this page didn't have a title per se. I know that really bugs some people, but I felt like the words on the paper actually served as a title in and of themselves. Plus, sometimes I just like to break the rules. ;)


  1. I love these!!!! You look like my Tiff-Tiff with your short hair!

  2. I wrote a comment and deleted it on accident let me sum it up ha ha ha. I just recently used that same paper. I also just wrote a note to myself to do a page about all the transportation options we used on a trip to Hawaii 3 years ago: big plane, little plane, shuttle bus, rental car, city bus, trolley, tram... thanks for the idea :)