Sunday, June 1, 2014

Me and my girl - shopping day

Kelsey and I spent a lovely afternoon together yesterday. She needed to go swimsuit shopping and wanted my help, so I gladly went along

We started our journey at Target where she shopped and shopped and shopped for swimsuits. She tried to stick with the clearance rack, but it just wasn't going to work.

Look how many swimsuits she tried on! (I think there were like 10 or 12 total.) The dressing rooms were crazy hot before we even started trying on stuff (I tried on a couple of ill-fated swimsuits too), and after we'd been in there a while it was positively roasting.

She narrowed it down to a total of 3 swimsuits, I think. I treated her today to the swimsuits; I like being able to do sweet things for her when I can.

After Target, we went to Old Navy to look for bargains. Boy, did we find some. I purchased a sweet little black ruffled shift dress for Kelsey (just $6) and she bought a couple of pairs of rather expensive denim shorts. They looked great on her, though, so I guess they were worth it. I actually made quite a haul at Old Navy: sequined sweatshirt, black pencil skirt, navy eyelet floods, white eyelet cotton blouse, white eyelet gauze blouse, and a black 3/4 length knit shift dress. All of that cost me right at $70 - not bad for 7 items, right?

They are all very basic pieces with just some great details on them, but I think they'll make great additions to my wardrobe. I'll prob take some of it with me on my European adventure, but I'm not sure what yet. Side note: if you shop at Old Navy, you'll probably find that their sizing varies greatly depending on the style, cut, and fabric. I wear anywhere from a large to an xxl depending on those factors. If you don't think you can wear their stuff, you might give it a shot. I think they're a decent value though I don't care for their knit shirts; I just don't think they wash up very well. (Just my opinion; Old Navy has no idea who I am.)

We stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at Qdoba because we were tired, hot, and starving at this point. Then we popped over to Shoe Carnival; Kelsey was reluctant, but I needed to find some shoes for my upcoming trip. I already had brown Dansko sandals, so I set out looking for some closed toe shoes of some sort and some black sandals. Check out these cuties we selected:

I think the Keds will be great to walk in when the weather is chilly and/or rainy. (I really don't like getting my feet wet.) I chose the black polka dot for the fun factor; I wear so much black that I think they'll be a good choice. And I never met a dot that I didn't like. The black patent leather sandals are great too; they're dressy enough to wear with dresses but super comfy with a great cushy footbed and textured sole. I needed something that wrapped around my ankle so I didn't have to worry about losing my shoes on the subway or anything, and I think these will be just perfect. Now, I just need to alternate wearing these two pairs so that they're nice and broken in before the trip begins.

I hadn't seen much of Kelsey in the last couple of weeks as she finished finals and recitals and I finished my school year. We had a great time reconnecting and just hanging out today; plus, we scored some great stuff. Time with my girl definitely makes me happy. :)

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