Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ahhh, the joys of summer

This, my first week of summer, has been wonderful. I'm in love with summer. My time is my own. I stay up late and sleep in - my preferred schedule is roughly 2:30-8:30. I lounge by the pool. I run errands and work in the yard and watch tv and visit with friends without worrying about the time. That's the key. The pace in summer is just more relaxed, more natural in the hot weather.

Tuesday was closing day at school followed by a party at my colleague Paula's house. I meant to stay an hour; with margaritas and great convo, I stayed five hours! She's a great hostess & a great cook;how handy that she lives just one street away from me. :)

Wednesday and Thursday were mine to spend exactly as I wanted. I ran errands, tanned at the pool, relaxed, and made dinner for the fella. I ended up having my knee checked at the dr on Wednesday because it just wasn't healing properly. Turns out my skinned knee was pretty badly infected & I needed an antibiotic. Since I'd been cleaning & treating it with peroxide and neosporin, I'm not sure how that happened. The good news is that the meds have def made a difference. Whew! Old girl doesn't bounce back like she used to... I've got to be in prime shape for my upcoming European adventure, you know.

I spent Friday in Hendersonville with Tracie taping podcasts, enjoying a great dinner, and watching her daughter dance in a show at church.

There are several items on this weekend's to-do list. Here are a few of them:
1) attack back yard jungle situation (mow, trim, weed, haul branches, clean furniture, etc.)
2) relax by the pool & work on my tan while reading trashy novels
3) buy a new grill & make first grilled meal of the season
4) begin packing for big trip
5) give the dogs a bath
6) watch the next Star Wars movie in the series with the fella & his kiddo
7) finalize grades for the online classes I teach
8) attend Mass
9) go swimsuit shopping with Kelsey (for her not me)
10) clean out my car & get the writing off the windows finally (grr!)

It's a long list, but at least most of my list is fun, right?

My life is full. I am happy, loved, and lucky. Yeah, this is why I love summer.  Why do you love summer? What does your weekend look like?

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  1. I do childcare at home & I too love summer as the schedule is basically my own. we can take a walk or not, go to a park or not, eat early, eat late. whatever the kids in attendance that day need. LOVE it! then the weekends are way more fun as we are able to do more outdoor activities.. farmer's markets, outdoor vintage/handmade fair, Iowa State Fair, camping/boating, gardening!