Monday, June 2, 2014

European travel - in my carryon bag

I'll be leaving on my European adventure soon, and I've been giving serious thought to what I'll put in my carryon. As you probably know, you're allowed a checked bag, a carryon bag, and a personal item when you fly. I've made lots of mistakes about my packing in the past, so this year I'm really trying to do it right.

For my personal item, I'm taking a backpack and putting my small crossbody purse inside of it. The backpack is where I'll put all of the items that I might want to access during the flight. Getting anything out of your carryon from the overhead bin is difficult at best and definitely runs the risk of disturbing other people and causing you extra stress. I'll avoid that altogether and put the items I want in my backpack and store it under my seat.

In my very small crossbody purse -> wallet, passport, lipstick, contact case and eyedrops, sunglasses, gum or mints, reading glasses

In the backpack -> ipad + charger in protective case, phone + charger, notebook + pen, puzzle book of some sort, deck of cards, small crafty project (knitting or cross stitch probably), eyeglasses + case, baggie of medicine, baggie of toiletries to use to freshen up, hairbrush, ipod + headphones, paperwork for trip, small snack, pair of socks for plane, point & shoot camera, memory card pack, mobile recharger for phone/ipod if I can find an affordable one, makeup bag, small blanket and travel pillow if it will fit (**I'll put most all of this in my carryon once we land and will use the backpack as a day bag for shopping items and my camera.)

In the carryon bag -> appliance converters, 2 or 3 rolled up dresses (in case my luggage gets lost), spare pair of shoes, dslr camera and lenses and charger for both cameras in camera bag, first aid baggie (remember, I'm taking a group of students so I need first aid items on hand), additional paperwork for trip, and jewelry that I'm taking with me.

Hopefully, these are all the things that I'll need to have quick access to while taking the rather long flight to Europe. Once I have them actually packed, I'll update you guys with some pics. For now, this is just the plan in the works. I'm getting so excited! :)


  1. Hi, Tiffany - you might try Tuesday Morning for a mobile charger for your phone/iPad.
    Sounds like a fun trip. (Jealous...). Lisa B.

  2. I've got a trip later in the summer, and your list helped me think through what I need/want to bring along. Thanks!

  3. how exciting!! do you make this trip annually?