Sunday, March 12, 2017

Planning the week ahead

As usual, there were lots of things I didn't manage to accomplish last week. As such, you may see some repeats from the past. Just go with it...

To go/call
1. Skype podcast with Tracie
2. Staples for copy job samples
3. Lexington this weekend if basketball team makes it to semifinals
4. Scrapbook & needlework shops in/near Lexington (see above)  - anybody have recommendations?
5. Gym x 4
6. Teach 2nd Opp night class x 2
7. Catch up with friends by phone - v + t + t
8. Return item to Hobby Lobby
9. Drop off items to donate (didn't do this last week)
10. Plans with the fella x 2 or 3
11. Confirm that K & J gave transport home from flight
12. Cable company to discuss rate change/plan options

To do
1. Finish grading for 3rd quarter - I'm woefully behind and have only 48 hours to finish.
2. Post 3rd quarter grades
3. Run ESS quarterly report and send to faculty
4. Cheer for boys at bball state tournament - show on Wednesday & hopefully Friday
5. Follow-up re: injection
6. Continue de-clutter/bag project for Lent
7. Take out recycling in time for pickup - it's out of control!
8. Make food bank donation at school
9. Finish watching The Borgias
10. Finish re-reading 1984
11. Begin reading a novel + a travel book
12. Touch-up color my hair

To make/create
1. Finish Pretty Little Italy stitching
2. Start next embroidery project
3. Make a traditional layout
4. Finish retreat class prep
5. Continue work on online class prep
6. Update blog settings + pics + posts (create new calendar?)
7. Make Paris pocket page spread
8. Paint something... (ornament? TN? canvas?)

To eat - get back on th wagon; I've been too lax this weekend! 
Breakfasts - fruit, yogurt, granola bars
Lunches - leftovers, frozen veggies/dinners, mac & cheese
Dinners - shrimp fajitas, out with the fella, zuppa toscana, frozen pizza, takeout


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