Thursday, December 22, 2016

DD pics for week 3

Here's a look at my pics for week three of my December Daily.

I went back to the doctor about my never-ending cough and about treating my sleep apnea that I've ignored for eight years. Not fun but necessary if I want to live a long life - in really trying to do the right thing and not let my vanity get the best of me.

For the cough, the doc prescribed long term nasal spray and short term cough pills. Let's hope it all works soon!

My boy bestie brought me lunch last Thursday and even set out this thoughtfully festive spread. I suck as a friend because I forgot and had a roomful of kids during lunch that I couldn't leave.

And he gave me a fabulous gift from L'Occitane. He knows me well, right?

Last Friday was holiday hat day. When I arrived at school, one of my colleagues said, "You're the only person I know who could pull off an animal print AND a Christmas hat."

Later that day, Kel came by to pick up my car to take Jake to the airport. Since she was also sporting Christmas regalia, we HAD to get Jake to snap our photo.

Look what a great job that Jake did on wrangling all my leaves!

I finished my Paris stitching project this week! I can't wait to press and frame it after the holidays.

I joined a gym - part of the whole 'take better care of myself' movement in my life these days.

And I've worked out 4/5 days so far! I'm starting with cardio this week on the treadmill and plan to add in some weight training next week. Slow and steady is my plan!

I finally wrapped a few gifts! Now my tree doesn't look quite so lonely.

But there are still some packages that need attention...

More year-end maintenance, this time it was a dental checkup. I'm happy to report no cavities!

I took my girl to the airport for her flight to Portland; after much drama in trying to make her flights, I can report that she arrived safely.

Yummy salad at Corner Bakery Cafe after a morning of errands and shopping 

Dressed up for a work event with the fella, so I snapped several selfies.

And one of the servers took this for us at the event.

I headed to Nashville for Christmas lunch with Tonia and snapped this once I had parked.

This is my new fave drink as I try to minimize the amount of Coke I drink.
Marche is a fabulous bistro in East Nashville that I highly recommend.

The savory mushroom and goat cheese tart was divine! (So was the raspberry pepper champagne cocktail!)

We squatted for a selfie against the short rock wall outside the restaurant. Looks natural, right? It wasn't - lol!

Look at the sweet gifts Tonia gave me!

Kelsey sent me several pics from Oregon if she and Jake and his family - love them all! Did I train her right or what?

Look what Tracie got for me when she was in Disney! I can't wait to drink hot chocolate from this mug.

I also had a mammogram as part of my year end maintenance plan - have to check the tatas annually.

I've done really well about not buying for myself this holiday season, but I finally broke down when my inner perfume whore could no longer be silenced. I love both fragrances even though they're very different from each other.

Charlie-dog starts each day with a can of wet food - spoiled much?! This week, he's dining on Santa plates from Hobby Lobby. You know, so he'll feel festive.

And I finally made Luke's tied fleece blanket; hopefully, hell like the Star Wars pattern. 

I won't use all of these photos in my DD, of course, but I love the variety of options I have.


  1. You've got some really fun photos and some really kind friends. I'm hungry for lunch looking at your food pictures -- ha, ha. Love the black and white dress for your fancy party. It sounds like you've already done the hardest part of choosing better health: getting your mindset in place. Go, Tiffany! :-) The two times in my adult life when I made a major push to choose exercise and healthier food, that was the ignition key. I need to make the choice to step up again in 2017.

  2. Love reading about all that is going on in your life. Need to push myself in a healthy direction too.

  3. Love reading your blog. And I'm a Scrap Gals fan. Wishing you and your family all the very best for a fab 2017. x

  4. I'm a long-time CPAP user, and it is totally worth it. I was a sleep-deprived zombie for years before going on the machine. It takes a little getting use to, but it can be done. If you need some support or questions answered down the road, ping me on FB.