Monday, December 26, 2016

Planning the coming week

To do
Finish grading essays (
Set up wireless speaker 
Wrap small gifts for K&J for their return
Clean up studio disaster
Deep clean kitchen and master bedroom
Color my hair
Give Charlie-dog a bath
Skype podcast with Tracie x 2
Work on donations purge and drop off
Wrap birthday gifts
Replace glitchy router

To go
Lunch with Vonda for her birthday
IKEA trip with Tracie
Gym - every day 

To make
Small wedding album for K & J
October and November TN finish up + video
Work on DD 2016
Frame Paris stitching
Continue cactus stitching
Set up 2017 planner & make upcoming plans 
Jewelry items for K

Biscuits, cereal, eggs

Out, leftovers, salad

Out x 2, holiday leftovers, salmon with veggies, homemade pizza, avocado toast, hoppin' John & cabbage for New Year's Day


  1. okay, now take that list and split in two!!! Either that or don't plan on sleeping. We don't want you to get sick again. (((hugs)))

  2. Wow those are great lists. Your home look warm and cozy. Enjoy your time off.

  3. Liked the "shoot me now" comment about grading the essays! I always forgot that someone had to read those when I was in high school & college.