Monday, December 19, 2016

Planning the coming week

To Go
1. Last minute Christmas shopping
2. Dentist appointment
3. Mammogram appointment
4. Coffee with Travis
5. Lunch with Tonia
6. Dinner with Tracie
7. Event with the fella
8. Take Kelsey to the airport
9. Grocery
10. Gym (
11. Lunch with Lorie
12. Errands -> bank, pharmacy, vet
13. Midnight Mass
14. Davenport Christmas gathering

To Do
1. Finish wrapping gifts
2. Finish grading common assessment essays
3. Skype podcast
4. File paperwork with Flex and insurance
5. Put away patio items
6. Make appointment for dryer vent cleaning
7. Post YouTube video
8. Update blog
9. Deep clean master bedroom and bathroom
10. Start reading a new book

To Make
1. Finish last 2 Christmas gifts
2. Start new stitching piece
3. Continue working on DD
4. Work on wedding album for Kelsey
5. Finish October TN and make accompanying video

Breakfasts- eggs w/ toast, fruit, cereal

Lunches - leftovers, out with friends, tuna salad

Dinners -  shrimp and corn chowder, out x 3, avocado toast, lasagna

How's your week ahead looking? Mine already appears to be a bit busier than I had planned...


  1. Sounds fun, festive, and busy! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    You'd mentioned on the podcast that you're moving on from the Cocoa Daisy kit this year -- I liked the look of yours so much that I decided to subscribe (at least for the next six months.) I just subbed to the TN booklet, though, not the bigger kit, although some of the add-ons, like washi, were super tempting.

    I feel like we're in pretty good shape (which is good, since I'm working all week), but still need to get the rest of my Christmas cards in the mail and then make more cards to hand out to local people. We often bake cookies to give to some of our neighbors and although I wouldn't mind taking a year off, my daughter is jazzed about it, so we'll be doing that, too.

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