Sunday, September 4, 2016

The week ahead

In the interest of transparency, I have to admit that my to-do list last week was awfully optimistic. And I failed at many items on the list. Failed big-time. This week, I'm going to try to be a bit more realistic.

To-do -> scrapbook, wedding venue review with Kel, movies with Kel, clean living room, long-term planning time, laundry, evening with fella/kiddo
Dinner-> out to eat/takeout

To-do-> grocery, clean out the fridge, Beech Bend with Michael & Luke, grade 15 sophomore essays, scrapbook, mow/trim yard
Dinner -> BLT + tots

To-do -> school, CEPT student, WIN time, finish grading sophomore essays, post midterm grades, ESS, 2nd Opp begins, meet with principal briefly, data entry IC
Dinner -> crockpot chicken tortilla soup

To-do -> school,  pick up dry cleaning, wash/clean out car, grade 10 senior essays, laundry, call about rehearsal dinner catering prices, clean bathrooms, evening with fella/kiddo
Dinner -> shrimp casserole + salad

To-do -> school, CEPT student, WIN time, grade 10 senior essays, ESS, data entry IC, update classes in IC,  2nd Opp
Dinner -> frozen pizza

To-do -> school, grade 10 senior essays, clean bedroom, Michael's reunion football game + tailgating at WKU
Dinner -> out to eat

To-do -> finish July TN, film and upload YouTube video, crafty wedding project, Michael's class reunion
Dinner -> dinner at reunion event

Breakfasts -> granola bars, berries, pastry

Lunches -> leftovers, frozen meal, mac & cheese, cheese & crackers


  1. You are an ambitious young lady!!! Good luck with your week Tiffany. P.S. I can't wait to see what crafty wedding projects you make!!

  2. how about i overestimate how much stuff i think i'm gonna get done everyday. it's high hopes for the beginning of the day but yeah those go down the tubes hours later. then i have to re-frame it as but i did get xyz done, & that's progress.