Friday, September 2, 2016

My 'Currently' List

Reading - Ethics for the New Millenium by the Dalai Lama

Cheering - Our football team on each week; go Purples!

Watching - Between on Netflix

Learning - To meditate as a way to control stress

Planning - My crafty projects for the fall/winter

Working - On grading the 150 essays my students turned in week before last; it's a slow process

Making - Traveler's notebooks for my Europe trip this summer

Avoiding - Yard work in this terrible heat and humidity; my landscaping is a hot mess

Eating - Homemade one-pot dishes like quick coq au vin, vegetable soup, pantry pasta, etc.

Buying  - Not much of anything unless it's groceries or wedding related

Trying - To always approach others from a place of kindness, but I often fail

Drinking - Limonata by San Pellegrino

Enjoying - Extra time with my girl as we chat about wedding plans

Scheduling - Necessary appointments for the end of the calendar year with remaining health care funds

Wishing - For more energy and more time; lately, I'm feeling short of both

What does your currently list look like?


  1. i love this list! I will have to do my own currently post.

  2. I was also "between" Netflix shows but started Better Call Saul yesterday. I'm intrigued that you're learning to meditate. I've never learned how. It's hard for me to focus and shut everything else out. Good luck!!

  3. oh i wanna read that book you're reading. i'm wishing for the same stuff too. i've enjoyed looking at your traveler's notebooks.