Sunday, August 28, 2016

Planning out the week

Along with my meal plan this week, I thought I'd share some life scheduling info. Like many of you, I struggle to find balance in my work and personal life, so, if nothing else, this will show that my life can be a little crazy even though I have neither kids nor a spouse at home.


To do: mow and trim yard, go to grocery, film YouTube video, update blog, work on finishing July TN, grade 10 essays, movies with Kel?,  color my hair, clean bedroom, set up September TN, plans with fella/kiddo in evening

Dinner: homemade vegetable soup + grilled pimiento cheese sandwich

To do: school, massage at 4:00, skype podcast at 5:45, call tree trimmer for estimate, call dentist, drop off dry cleaning, get injection, finalize all ESS plans for Tuesday, grade 15 essays, place photo order, make a layout

Dinner: grilled brats + potato salad

To do: school, CEPT student, ESS, PLC meeting during planning period, grade 15 essays, make a layout, update blog, laundry, locate pics for Kel and scan/send

Dinner: leftovers

To do: school, CEPT student,  grade 15 essays, lunch with Vonda, order reunion dress, pick up dry cleaning,  clean bathrooms, make a layout, plans with fella/kiddo in evening

Dinner: out to eat/takeout

To do: school, CEPT student, ESS, grade 15 essays, finish July TN

Dinner: salmon + squash casserole + Lima beans

To do: school, grade 15 essays, update blog, football game, plans with fella/kiddo in the evening

Dinner: out to eat with the fella

To do: laundry, clean living areas, film YouTube video, photograph layouts,  podcasting in Nashville

Dinner: out to eat with Tracie

Weekly breakfasts - pastry, granola bar, berries and cottage cheese

Weekly lunches - leftovers, frozen meal, tuna salad


It looks like a pretty good week ahead, especially if I can stick to my essay grading plan. How's your week ahead shaping up?


  1. Your weekly planning is inspiring me to plan as well. :)
    Today is my last week of summer break. I like how you have everything organized. I will be getting my planning for the week done here in a bit. I'm thinking I'm going to follow your layout. :)

  2. Tiffany - Love it - you are much more energetic than I am in the evenings :-)

    Question - what online stores are you looking at to order your reunion dress?

    (I need to do some shopping myself)