Saturday, August 27, 2016

Egyptologist lecture

Last week, the fella, Kelsey, and I attended a lecture by Dr. Zahi Hawass, a renowned Egyptologist who has published dozens of books and speaks regularly on lecture circuits. Our local library arranged for him to come to our town to speak, so it was a fun opportunity to hear him for free.

Event selfie!

Dr. Hawass shared a slideshow of photos and kept up a running dialogue of some of his archaeological finds/experiences as he shared awesome images of Egypt. He has a thick accent, but I didn't have any trouble understanding him. He was entertaining and engaging, even if he did ramble a bit. The teacher in me kept wanting to tell him to stick to his lesson - lol!

After his roughly 40 minute presentation, Dr. Hawass took questions from the audience. Several children had questions, and I was impressed by his interest and engagement with them. He definitely is a charming and charismatic speaker.

If you're interested in Egypt and ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, I'd definitely recommend it. I thought this was a good use of my time, especially since I felt so cultured once I left. ;)


  1. I've watched a lot of documentaries / history channel shows with him in them. It would be extremely interesting to hear him speak in person.

  2. I used to watch him a lot on the Travel Channel, Smithsonian, or one of those channels when they had Egyptian shows. He was always on because I think he was the head guy at the museum there. He was always very interesting. Wish he would make a trip here. I would go listen to him.

  3. I am so jealous you were able to attend that lecture. That is awesome. My husband and I took our kids to Egypt in October 2012. We lived in Saudi Arabia at the time and visiting Egypt was easy and inexpensive. It was an awesome trip-one I will never ever forget.

  4. If you like Egyptology, have you read the Amelia Peabody series by Elisabeth Peters?

  5. oooo i bet this was super. i remember studying Egypt in high school. it was my fave section in humanities.