Friday, July 15, 2016

What I'm eating in Spain - the good, bad, and frightening

The Chad breakfast at Carmencita's sister site, El Gringo, in Malasana -> eggs with hollandaise sauce layered with avocado and bacon on English muffins, made even better with 1 euro mimosas. This is by far the best meal I've had in Spain.

Seafood pasta special at the Sofia Reina museum cafe -> quite delish but pricey.

Alitas or chicken wings at a little cafe on Calle San Bernardo -> horrific, I may have even spotted a claw. 😳😳😳

Pizza Aiaoli at the pizzeria by rage same name in Chueca -> passable but not great. 

Grilled chicken Thai salad and mushroom toast at a cafe in Segovia -> pretty good but quite expensive for lunch. 

Fruit from the neighborhood produce market because I'm always starving at my apartment -> a little more than 5 euros for all of this.

Burger and fries from Burnout on Calle Fuencarrale -> supposedly the best burger in Madrid, but I thought it was just okay. It was kind of greasy and a bit underdone. 

Beef bhan mi on glutinous free bread at La Tape on Calle San Bernardo -> the 'bread' was super weird, but the sandwich was surprisingly good. I was starving though, and the portion size was pretty small. 

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