Thursday, July 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday - "Pill Bottle Biscuits"

Today, I'm sharing a no-photo layout for my Throwback Thursday post. It's one of my favorite stories from my childhood about how my great-grandmother would make me pill bottle biscuits. I made it during my landscape 8.5 X 11 phase, and you know that's not really my favorite now. I'd prob go with a traditional 12 X 12 page today. I also kind of regret not putting a pic on here of some sort - of my great-grandmother or of biscuit dough or of a pill bottle or something. I know a page doesn't have yo have a photo, but I honestly prefer to have at least one photo on each page.

The combination of patterned papers I used evokes a vintage feel, and that was important to me in telling the story. I also used letter stickers to create a title that runs up the left side. While I still like the stickers, this orientation is difficult to read. I prob wouldn't create a title like this today, especially for such an important story I had to tell.

Here's a close-up of the typed journaling on this page. I don't like the impersonal feel of the typing on the page, but it did give me ample space for telling the story fully in a way that handwriting might have limited.

This pre made tag embellishment was a good fit for the page, but I still think it feels too plain. If I were to make the page today, I'd likely cluster embellishments instead.


Here's one more look at the finished layout - hope you enjoyed reading about my fave memory of my great-grandmother.


  1. This is a great story! And if you decided you wanted to do so, it wouldn't be hard at all to add a photo to the layout, given the design.

  2. Love this story and still want to try these little biscuits.