Sunday, July 3, 2016

5 Things I Wish I'd Brought to Europe with Me And 5 I Should've Left at Home

Should have brought but didn't -
1. Large zippered canvas style purse to double as a tote bag on shopping days - I had to buy a bag that isn't very comfy to solve this problem; my leather bag is too heavy for daily usage
2. Pair of comfy skinny jeans in dark denim or white - also see #5, this would've given me much more versatility in dressing
3. Colored, sleek tennis shoes - when my feet have hurt after long days, I've fantasizes about white socks and soft tennies
4. Large, rolling suitcase - my soft sided carryon was too heavy, and I need room for purchases
5. Black capris or Bermuda shorts - I'm still not sure how I ended up with two pairs of khaki capris on this trip, albeit in diff styles

Brought but should have left at home -
1. Dslr camera and lenses and charger - haven't used it since France, and no one seems to be able to tell from my social media postings
2. Point and shoot camera and charger - haven't used it once
3. Paperback books/magazine - read what's on my iPad or buy as I go; I abandoned the books after about 3 days with students
4. Bag of toiletry samples - I could buy what I needed or use what the hotels gave me; only deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste were necessary
5. Too many white/cream tops - needed more color variety

Need to buy before I leave -
1. Large rolling suitcase so I can use smaller one as a carryon on the way home


  1. I had some live and learn moments with regards to packing on my trip as well. First off, before any major (future) trip I need to update my large rolling suitcase to one with roller blade 360 spinning wheels. That would have made my life soooo much easier. And I, too, packed far too many toiletries. (as in FAR TOO MANY. LOL!) I also brought far too many clothes for a two week trip but wanted to hedge my bets weather wise. It turned out to be far too cool for short/skirts so most of those came home unworn. On the upside...I carried only a small crossbody leather purse but brought along a large leather tote from Madewell. No zipper but it's lightweight and was perfect to carry everyday for purchases, snacks, etc. I also left my DSLR at home but had purchased a new 30X optical zoom Canon point and shoot that I used everday. I was very happy to have it, especially after I dropped my Iphone in the Shakespeare Museum's toilet in Stratford Upon Avon. *sigh*

    Loving your travel photos! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Good to know about your DSLR. I am heading to Europe in October and have been debating with myself about whether to bring it or nor. I was leaning towards not and you have confirmed it!! Hope you are enjoying yourself. Your picture updates have been great. Also, great tip about the tennis shoes. Thanks

  3. After 3 trips to China, I finally figured out how/what to pack for long trips. Wish I could be as efficient for short trips! Hope you find a cheap and workable rollerbag. Do they have Target in Madrid? ;^)