Monday, June 27, 2016

Sharing a layout - "Winter Fun"

Today, I'm sharing a cool layout I made before I left for Europe - pun intended. Haha! Some people might think it's crazy to scrapbook a set of winter photos in the heat of summer, but y'all already know I'm a renegade. No rules for me, hey! Anyway, given the fact it's been crazy hot here in Europe the last couple of weeks, I've enjoyed looking at this layout and its cool tones. Beyond that, this first photo of Kelsey and Jake makes me incredibly happy too. How adorable are they?!

 I used patterned paper and embellishments in a cool minty turquoise color because I thought those paired nicely with the snow and the shadows of the photos. Plus, it picks up on the colors in the knitted muff that Kelsey is wearing. The photo below had a lot of white space in it, so I layered a series of stickers on it with a few details that helped tell the overall story.

 Here's a closeup of the journaling for those of y'all who like to read that kind of thing. Yes, I really do warn her about sledding using the novel Ethan Frome for emphasis. Can you imagine her pain as the child of an English teacher? It's a wonder she survived such harsh childhood circumstances. Hahaha!

 I've held onto this label for years, so I was super proud of myself for finally using it on a layout.

 Here's a closeup of another little embellishment grouping on the top right of the layout.

 While I didn't plan to embellish every photo with something, that's kind of how it turned out. I'm totally okay with that; let's call it a happy accident. I think the graphic nature of the black/white accents really helps the photos pop against the cool patterned background.

 I grabbed embellishments from a bunch of different manufacturers. By combining the pale turquoise with black/white graphic items, I found that I had lots of choices for the embellishments I could use.

 Voila! Here's the layout in its entirety. I feel great to have told the story and to have used four distinct photos on a single page to do so. Woohoo! What have you made lately that you feel really good about making? I'd love to hear. :)


  1. are these taken in kentucky? i didn't know it snowed there. i agree with the photos showing their style & personality. i also like the shape of them. i'm guessing they were instagrams? i'm not picky about what season i scrap my photos in either. go renegades!

  2. Congrats on getting the long-kept tag onto a layout! That's such a good feeling, especially when it goes so well. I really like Ethan Frome. I remember the first time I read it, when I was 18 or so, I felt for the two young people who couldn't be together. When I read it again when I was older, I was struck by the tragedy of the fact that they actually were together, forever, but in a way that was horrible to contemplate.