Thursday, March 31, 2016

Throwback Thursday - sharing an old layout "Senior Prom"

Hello all! Today, I'm sharing another old layout from 2010 about my daughter's senior prom. I sure wasn't afraid of a bold color combination, was I? That black and red really do pop on the layout.

These days, you know I probably would have made one 12 X 12 layout instead of a 2 page 8.5 X 11 spread. I also would not have used this honking flower! I mean, look how big that thing is! It's pretty, but it's also quite overpowering. Likewise, I'm not into the fabric/ribbon/fiber look so much these days. I do still love journaling spots. I also love handwriting my journaling and using strips of patterned paper. I probably would not have done a series of rubons today, but I think they still work in the overall design of this layout. I also might have worked to say something a bit more meaningful in the journaling today. This is really just a quick rehashing of the who, what, when, and why. There's nothing wrong with that per se, but I'm trying to extend my storytelling a bit more these days, especially for big events like this one.

I absolutley love this photo of Kelsey on the left; I'm tempted to have it reprinted and framed just to be able to put it in my house and look at it each day.

There you go - another ancient layout in the books for you to peruse. I still like that the layout itself seems fairly timeless, even if there are things I would change were I to make it today.

Peace out!

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