Monday, March 7, 2016

Sharing a layout - Miss Personality

Last week, I wanted to make a layout but didn't feel especially creative. I headed back to my studio and made three quick decisions to speed along my crafty afternoon. 1) I pulled out my folder of October Afternoon paper and embellishments. 2) I chose an older, single photo to work with that just makes me happy. 3) Then, I headed to Pinterest and found a layout that I thought would be fun to scraplift. With this plan in place, I felt pretty confident that I could create a layout I'd enjoy.

Here's a close-up look at some of my paper layering for the layout and a glimpse at the start and of my title.

 Check out the photo a bit more closely - this pic of Kelsey just cracks me up!

 More paper layering as well as some sticker embellishments --

 Journaling close-up for those of you who like to read the story...

And here's the finished layout -> for whatever reason, this mix of patterns just makes me ridiculously happy. Certainly, there's a lot going on here, but I'm okay with that. Since all of the papers and embellishments are from OA, I feel like the busyness adds to the design instead of detracts from it. I also think the vintage feel of it works with this old photo of my girl

Thanks for taking a look at my layout! It feels good to get crafty and make a page I love. 


  1. She's adorable! Fun layout! And let me tell you all the OA talk on the podcast has made me love them a little more... Bought a bunch of goodies this weekend at the expo.

  2. Oh mylanta - BEST LAYOUT EVER!!!!! Love, love, love!!!!

  3. she's showing the stand out star she is. those kind of personality photos are priceless. :)