Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cleaning out my garage

Doesn't this one wall of my garage look amazing?  That's right, the great garage organization project began a few weeks ago when we had a lovely Sunday with sunny skies and relatively warm weather. It only took me 2 1/2 hours + 5 bags of garbage + 2 bags of giveaways + 1 stack of "store elsewhere" to make this organized wall  and the main parking area look like it does now.

Of course, I haven't yet worked on the other two walls, and, let me tell you, they desperately need my attention. (Nope, I'm not showing them to you in all their horrific glory yet - maybe when I'm finished.) Perhaps we'll have some more lovely, spring weather in the coming weeks, so I will be able to tackle the rest of this project. I find that about 2-3 hours is all I'm willing to spend on a task like this at one time. Any more than that and I feel bitter and resentful and foul about it for days. Knowing myself as I do, then, I decided to approach this project in chunks - one wall at a time in this case. Yes, it'll take me longer to fully complete it, but at least I won't hate the entire world while I work on it. I'm a bit dramatic, I know.

What spring projects do you have going on around your house and yard right now? Do any of you have awful garages that need attention like mine does? C'mon now, confession is good for the soul. ;)


  1. I would NEVER post photos of my horrific garage either. We live in Michigan and as the weather gets worse, the area around the parking space gets tighter and tighter. My daughter moved back from college 2.5 years ago and left a LOAD of things in there and because they are still there, the vast majority of it needs to go to the thrift shop. The horrors of the winter garage. You are not alone.

  2. Our garage is a complete mess. There is mud everywhere and stuff just tossed in the wrong drawers.
    On my to do list there is touch painting in my bedroom, paint some items and work on some other things I have been putting off for years.

  3. I did a garage project two years ago and it took me all summer. But when I was finished, we were able to put two cars in the garage for the first time that we've lived here. (18 years...embarrassing, huh?) Those windows are amazing. I don't think I've ever seen any like those.