Monday, March 28, 2016

Sharing a layout - Always Remember Good Times

This week, I thought I'd begin by sharing with you a layout I made using one of the sketches in Tracie Claiborne's and Jen Schow's joint class - Ready, Sketch, Go!  In this layout, I made a variation of Sketch #5 that features 6 photos along the top and bottom of the page with the title and journaling in the middle. Even though my page is not a pocket page style, it very well could be because I filled up the entire middle portion with cutapart PL style cards. 

I created a layered title by starting with a cutapart card and adding both a chipboard cursive word as well as a cutapart label. I like the combination of textures and fonts and colors that this created a lot. I finished off the title card with a narrow strip of washi tape.

Here, you can see the right hand side of the middle portion that includes both a decorative cutapart card  in chevron as well as some journaling. To create a more cohesive look, I repeated some black elements with the chipboard heart and puffy camera as well as some more layered washi tape.

On the top left, I included a small circle and wrote in the location and the year for reference. I thought it worked nicely there since there was some white space in that section of the photo.

On the bottom left of the layout, I layered more washi tape and included a cutapart label that I thought was a nice touch.

The gold sticker at the bottom right is a nod to the very swanky place we went to dinner, and the additional chipboard heart on that label carries the heart motif across the entire page in a grouping of three.

Here's Charlie-dog supervising my scrapbooking activities. He almost always comes back to my studio with me and naps while I work. Lowder-dog, on the other hand, has much better things to do and doesn't care for my studio space. At least Charlie-dog keeps me company. :) 

One more look at my finished layout - I'm really happy with it and think that using the sketch made it easier and more polished looking than it might have otherwise.

If you're interested in taking the Ready, Sketch, Go! class, I cannot recommend it highly enough. The sketches themselves are great, but I really enjoyed being able to see how Tracie and Jen each interpreted them. Since I think my style is somewhere in between theirs, it was very inspiring to see how they put the sketch into action each time. My finished product doesn't look exactly like the sketch I used, and that makes me happy too. Having room for individuality while removing the stress of the empty page is what makes using sketches so great. You can register for their class by clicking this link -> Ready, Sketch, Go!


  1. Looks like an amazing time! LOVE that you threw a puppy pic in there! :)

  2. Let the good times roll! SO trying this out for my boyfriend's birthday card, layering seems like a good option, love how you explained the decor in detail!