Sunday, March 27, 2016

I can't stop scrappy shopping!

Yeah, I'm still on a bit of a scrappy shopping binge these days. I thought I'd share the goodies with you in case you were interested.

Here are a few scrappy things I picked up at the new Michael's in Hendersonville when I podcasted with Tracie last weekend.

And here are some fabulous sale kits I ordered from Studio Calico last week. First of all, how fabulous are the zippered bags they use to organize kits? I'll definitely be using these to organize my luggage when I head to Europe this summer. Secondly, it's super hard for me to turn down kits at $5, $10, and $15 each. Score! I only wish they offered free local pickup; I hated paying $9 for shipping across town.

And finally, here are a few things that Tracie picked up for me in her shopping forays. I love the goodies and the extras she snags for me - thanks, girl!

Have you been scrappy shopping lately? Please tell me I'm not the only one. Happy Easter!


  1. Love seeing all your scrappy goodness! Makes me want to shop too, however nothing worth buying in Australia right now. We're waiting on incoming products from the States...

  2. ohhh those mambi chips looks like lots of fun!!

  3. I got two of those London wood pieces. :D I haven't been down the sticker isles of Michaels in a very long time. I've never seen those Mambi chips! I placed a couple big - several hundred dollars worth - orders after CHA with and A Cherry on Top. Then I did a purge after your Urge to Purge podcast and got another smaller order from last week. That last order didn't feel as satisfying. I think that means I probably shouldn't buy anything for a while now. :/