Saturday, March 26, 2016

2016 Household To Buy or To Hire List

Home ownership often feels like a money pit. There is always something to fix, to upgrade, or to change. As such, I thought I'd share with you my list of things that need/should be addressed at my house sometime this year.
Looking into my backyard from my patio - storm clouds in the distance and sunshine, typical spring Kentucky weather.

1. Continue replacing regular lightbulbs with the LED daylight bulbs throughout house - estimated cost at $10 per bulb -> $360 (Haha - I've only bought one thus far & just about died at the cost. I could buy one per week for the next nine months, I guess...)

2. Purchase and install storm door for my front door (I meant to do this last year and ran out of both funds and motivation) - estimated cost $250

3. Purchase gas powered weedeater - extimated cost $200

4. Repair bent gutter section along back of house (a branch bent a 6" piece of gutter right along my back patio) - estimated cost $100 (This is a shot in the dark; I really have no idea how much it will cost.)

5. Buy hanging baskets of flowers for the front porch (3) - estimated cost $45

6. Fill window boxes with annuals for the front of the house (3) - estimated cost $60

7. Replace hose out front with an extra long curly one - estimated cost $40

8. Treat all drains with root growth inhibitor in March or April when trees are in a growth spurt - estimated cost $40 for two containers

9. Have electrical switch for garbage disposal adjusted/repaired (right now I have to press super hard and up to the right to get it to work) - estimated cost $150

10. Replace seat cushions for 2 Bedermeyer style chairs on the back patio that the squirrels destroyed - estimated cost $80

Dang! With all the little things, I'm thinking the weedeater and the storm door might end up being put off yet again. Oh well, I'll just work toward the list a little at a time, I guess. What homeowner style things do you need to take care of this year?


  1. Try buying your LED bulbs at Lowes, Menards or a whatever hardware store you have by you - I had really good luck finding them cheaper there

  2. Ha! I totally agree houses are money pits. Everytime there is a project on deck that I want to do some unexpected thing happens. Our water heater just took a dump......that was an unexpected $1400 project 😒.

  3. The Great Bathroom Gut of 2016 (x2). Which is the answer to the question "Where are you going on vacation this year?"

  4. Definitely need to watch the ads for led bulbs on sale. I've been getting mine for about $2 per bulb. These are regular base ones. Now the small base ones for like a chandelier are more or fancy shape for a ceiling fan. I've just one regular led in our ceiling fans. Besides the energy savings they give off more light.

  5. We get our LED bulbs at Costco and replace as the old bulbs burn out.

  6. Also changing a light switch/outlet thing is pretty easy and not worth paying $150. You need to turn the power off and a screwdriver. You can probably find instructions on You Tube.