Thursday, February 25, 2016

Throwback Thursday - sharing an old layout "Relax"

I'm sharing a super simple old layout with y'all today. It's from 2010 and is a single-page layout in 8.5 X 11. I don't scrapbook that size much anymore, but I still love the look of that rectangular page.

Here's a look at the journaling up close. Y'all know I love a journaling spot, and this layout is just more proof of that.

The colors on this page are a little muddier than what I prefer nowadays, plus the blurriness of the photo really bothers me when I look back at it.  I don't mind the overall design of the page though; I think it's still pretty nice in its simplicity. Strips of paper are just what I do, man. (Can't you picture a hippie version of me saying that?)

That's a gigantic chipboard flower for this sized page. Idk if I'd choose it again, but I think it's an okay choice of embellishment.

So yeah, here's a simple page that I'd probably make pretty differently today. That's okay; I don't mind looking back and seeing how my style has evolved. It's actually kind of fun. Have you tried it? ;)


  1. The design and style of this page make me think a bit of Cathy Zielske (although she doesn't do much, if any, handwritten journaling.) You've used typography, a very consistent, coherent color scheme, and minimal, but effective, embellishment. I like it! :-) Happy Thursday.

  2. I'm diggin' these TBT scrappy post man. Keep em comin' man.

  3. yes i've tried looking at my old layouts. what i like about your throwback thursday is your summaries how you have changed & stayed the same. i think your beautiful blouse is hippie, & just my style man. peace out.