Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Paris Photo Plan

I've officially started my large album for my Paris trip in 2015! You might remember that I posted about my options on how to approach this album a month or so ago in our Facebook community. While lots of people had great ideas and suggestions, I ultimately decided to go with a 12 X 12 album and mostly divided pocket pages featuring 4 X 4 slots. I'd already printed about 300 of my pics in that 4 X 4 size, and I didn't see any reason to reprint those in a different size. I do plan to do some full-size 'regular' 12 X 12 layouts as well. That will enable me to tell some longer stories along the way. I also reserve the right to include other kinds of divided page protectors if I find that I need or want to use them. 

I ordered an album and the divided page protectors as well as some PL cards from Becky Higgins' website a few weeks ago, but I only recently started sliding in some of the pics and beginning to organize how I might want to tell my story in this album. I plan to go somewhat chronologically, meaning that I am starting with my flight to Paris and ending with my flight home. I also want to put my major excursions to other cities/towns in semi-chronological order. I'll worry less about day-to-day photos being in any particular order though. If I want to review what I saw when, I can always go back to the Heidi Swapp planner I kept while I was on the trip or to my social media feeds for reference. I'm currently waiting on another large photo order to arrive, but I think I'll be in good shape to actually start working on it with gusto later this week.

Here's a look at the first divided page in the album. As you can see, I've just begun putting in photos and some potential PL cards. I'm also cutting up patterned paper to use in the PL slots, particularly for some journaling or some added pattern interest. I haven't decided if I'll round the corners on everything or not; I'm still mulling that over. Do you have a preference about that? On the one hand, I think that rounding all corners will give the album a very finished look. On the other hand, I hate to go through and round all the photo corners because it never turns out exactly like it should. Still thinking on this...

Here's a quick flip-through of some other pages that I've started in my album too. This spread will be about the neighborhood of the apartment I rented.

A page about some of the mundane parts of living in a foreign city - cafes and temps and money and toiletries, oh my.

This one may end up being about my first day in the city - not sure about that just yet.

And of course there will be multiple pages about food and wine in Paris.

Here's a look at the basket I'm using to corral most of my supplies for the project. I also have a travel embellishment drawer that I may pull from periodically.

And here's a look at the two albums that will house the details of my trip. I can't wait until they're finished and displayed on a shelf together! Don't they match really well? I thought the black and white stripes were tres chic. :) 

I plan to work on it a bit at a time so I don't get overwhelmed or burned out in the process. My plan is to have the album finished by the end of April, because that will be the time when I begin planning this year's trip in earnest. I hope you'll stick around and check out what I make.

Do you have any big trips that you want to scrapbook? What plan are you following (did you follow) and why? I'd love to hear about any lessons you learned along the way.


  1. The two striped books look lovely together. Regarding the corner question, I prefer the corners to not be rounded. That said, I have PL cards and use them all the time with mixed corners on the same page. It doesn't bother me. In your album, it seems like the photos would be squared and the cards would be rounded so it might actually pear to be a purposeful thing. I think the working in small bits is a good idea. I was doing a big trip album and would work on it up to the point it started being that damn album that will never be done. Then it was time to put it away until the warm fuzzies returned. No need to sprinkle happy memories with negative ju-ju. Enjoy the reliving and creating.

  2. This looks great! Looking forward to seeing the progress!

  3. I am going to be working on a trip to Mississippi and another to Florida. I will more thank likely do a little mini album for each one. Love the look of your albums and you are right (from podcast) those do match up perfect! Super cute so far.