Sunday, November 22, 2015

This week in random photos

 I tried the statement necklace with a turtleneck trend - yeah, I'll probably wear this look again.

I heard from my friends in Paris, Caroline and Jerry. I'm so thankful to learn that they and their families are safe.
 On a cold Sunday evening, I made homemade chicken pot pie that was fabulous. And yes, I ate on it all week long until I was sick of it.
My Christmas shopping began last week. The proof is in these boxes that have been accumulating all week.
I tried the plaid trend by wearing a dress I grabbed on clearance at Target last weekend. It's a summery version, but I solved that problem by adding a long sleeve tee and boots with it. As it gets colder, I'd probably add leggings or tights as well.
 This past week, I managed to get my flu shot. Man, my arm was sore for days. She basically gave me the injection in my shoulder, and I wanted it to be in the fatter part of my arm. Ouch!

This week, I also held a traveler and parent meeting for my upcoming Europe 2016 student trip. Here's a photo that my superintendent snapped and then tweeted. At least it wasn't a horrible close-up, right? He was smart enough to snap one while I was modeling with the fancy company backpack. Haha!
 It rained and rained and rained. I snapped this selfie with curly hair and glasses on one of those rainy days. This was also the day one of my friends told me I'd been looking bad and she was worried about me. What?! Looks like I need to be getting my beauty sleep.
 On that same rainy day, I sported my fave silk scarf that was a splurge from Paris last summer. One of my colleagues said, "My, that's a very determined splash of color you're wearing there." Yes, it is. Thanks for noticing.
One night at the fella's house, I somehow was roped into playing a Lego game. I was less than enthused by this process. Unless it's a word game, a trivia game, or something dirty, it's not really my cup of tea. Hahaha!
 Posing for a selfie shot in the faculty bathroom at school - I'm classy like that.
I'm currently obsessed with these nuts from Target. Omg, you should try them if you love dark chocolate like I do. They're a bit pricey, but I think they're totally worth it.

There's my week in photos. What did your week look like?


  1. The nuts sound delicious. I love your outfit with the fringed jacket and the scarf totally rocks. If your friend was really concerned about you, she could have subtly inquired how you were without making a negative comment on how you were looking!!! What is to be gained by such a comment? My sympathies about the Lego game. I sometimes like to play games, but not always, but when my child wants to spend time with me, I should say yes, right? ;-)

  2. tiffany, let's talk about your super cute cream jacket with the fringe in the classy, with the oval mirrors,faculty bathroom. i would so wear that scarf. it looks like a print of a painting, very glad to know your paris friends are safe, i wondered. hooray for making yourself a homemade chicken pot pie. i actually heard of a cookbook that will be out in march next year. it focuses on recipes for one person in the portions. the author, who i think is single, said that singles are the highest growing population. women are getting married later, or enjoying their time alone. i'm a word game kind of girl too. although i like scrabble, i don't like to play one long game. i prefer quick games, since i have a short attention span.