Saturday, November 21, 2015

Scrappy shopping this week

So maybe I did a little shopping this week - online and in real life.  The online items aren't here yet for me to share with you, but I thought I'd show you a few of the irl goodies that I bought.

On Monday afternoon, I stopped by HL to return a couple of items I'd found at a better price elsewhere. (Did you know that their $4.99 alterable clipboards can be found at Mighty Dollar for just $1 each?) Since I was already there, it just seemed necessary to check out the scrapbooking section to see what I could see. Lo and behold! There it was! The elusive Heidi Swapp 2016 planner. Well, I just had to have it. Idk how I'll even use it, and I already snagged the mini black striped one at Michael's, but I couldn't just pass this one up. Into my cart it went. (FYI: it was up front on a stationery/party carousel, not in the back with the scrapbooking stuff.) Next to it were some lovely gold foil decorated folders. Immediately, I thought of all the fauxdori diys that I'd seen online about making pocket folders and dashboards out of file folders. Into my cart it went too. I paid full price for those - 10 or 12 of them for $5.99, but I used a 40% off coupon on my planner. Before I left, I did make it back to the scrapbooking section where I 'splurged' on a $4.99 package of My Happy Planner stickers. I thought they might be super cute in my planner or in my fauxdori. Yes, it would've made more sense to make three different trips and use my coupon for each item, but I just didn't want to make time for that. In my busy life, I've found I'm willing to pay a bit more when I find an item in stock rather than take the chance of returning to the store and it not be there.

With my HL success under my belt, my next stop was Tuesday Morning. I'd watched Tracie's Periscope last week about her TM hauls, so I was inspired to see what mine might have. I didn't manage quite the haul that she did, but I have my eye on some adorable curtains and did find a few scrappy items that I had to have.  I'm in love with printed die cuts, so I was happy to see there were several packages of those that I didn't have yet. Check out these adorable packs that I bought for only $1.49 each! I also bought a few rolls of washi tape and some markers to use in my planner and/or fauxdori.

It was a fun shopping day indeed! When my online goodies arrive, I'll share those with you too. ;) Have you bought anything fun lately? Do tell!

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  1. I picked up some metallic Distress Stains at Hobby Lobby -- tarnished brass and brushed pewter (which basically translate to gold and silver spray stains that react with water, so can be used with other distress products.) At Tuesday Morning, I *almost* picked up more die cuts (they really do have a nice assortment right now), but instead bought a Tim Holtz die of a cardinal on a branch which I think will be adorable for Christmas. Couldn't resist it at 50% off!