Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throwback Thursday

I thought you guys might like seeing a few throwback photos this week. Be afraid. Or be prepared to laugh hysterically. Or both. I hope you enjoy this little walk down memory lane with me. 😊

Kelsey and Lowder-dog at a wiener dog race in 2004.

 Here's a cute shot of kel and Jake soon after they started dating in 2009.

A shot of my girl and me at Christmas 2009 

Kelsey dancing at the Nutcracker tea party in 2009 

Here's a shot of me in 2007 when I got my Bug - terrible photo of me but I like to remember this time bc it was a low point before everything began to improve. 

Here I am posing with Lowder-dog in fall 2008.

Kelsey dancing in The Nutcracker 2008.

Cuddled up with my girl at the holidays 2008 

Doesn't she look rather punk rockish back in 2007?


  1. Love TBT! Thanks for sharing Tiffany.

  2. total punk rockish kels, & it's fun to see her hair style evolution. tiff, you look nice in the vw bug pic.glad you rose above the low point. cause it's not real life without low points. however, it's the rising above the low points that we all strive for. you know, like a stylish, bold, and fabulous phoenix rising from the ashes.