Friday, September 4, 2015

Finally Friday - weekend plans?

It's finally Friday, and it's a long, holiday weekend too. Hallelujah! What do you have planned this weekend? Here's what my life will look like...I think...

Here's a shot of my backyard mid-mowing last week. I should probably work on my landscaping this weekend, but I'll go ahead and predict that's not going to happen. Hahaha! I'm kind of over it for this year...

Friday - School (of course) followed by heading home to work on taking all of the furniture out of my scrapbook studio. I'm putting it all in the den and going through each piece thoroughly before I'm putting it back in my studio space. I figure I can live with it like this for up to a week if needed.

Saturday - I'll get together with the fella and the kiddo tonight, but I don't know what our plans will be yet or which house we'll end up at for the evening. During the day, I'll probably do some cleaning and some reading and some relaxing. I will probably also work on organizing and sorting my scrapbook stuff that will be parked in my den. I could go to the pool for a while as part of summer's last hurrah, but, honestly, I'm kind of over the whole swimming + tan + laying out thing. Too many wrinkles and too much to do - for whatever reason, I just don't find it that relaxing anymore. Maybe I should tell the fella we need to grill out that evening; isn't that what most people do for the last official weekend of summer?

Sunday - Ditto on getting together with the fella and the kiddo tonight, plus I think we're going to head to Nashville for a Shakespeare in the Park event that I read about online. It looks like lots of fun. We'll probably grab dinner while we're down there as well as watching Henry V as it will be played/set  in the Civil War era. Sounds interesting, right? During the day, it'll likely be a repeat of Saturday's events. I wouldn't want to push myself too much, you know.

Monday - I'll be home most of the day, and Kelsey and Jake are coming over to take care of some household things I've hired them to do. Jake will be covering a hole in a storage space attached to the house by boarding it up (long story) from the inside and will be repairing the lattice trim around the bottom of the deck that the big dogs ripped through last summer.  Kelsey is going to paint my scrapbook studio for me. While I'll still do some touch-up with the trim, she's doing the bulk of the work. I just thought my back would thank me if I hired this out, and she can always use a little bit of extra money.

Notice that I'm not planning anything related to school or anything too terribly strenuous. This did not occur by accident. Old girl needs a break already. ;) I hope my weekend farewell to summer is indicative of a lovely fall season ahead, and that yours is too. What's on tap for you and yours this weekend?


  1. Well it sounds like you have a lot planned!!!!! I'm sure you've already thought this through but I would recommend thoroughly vacuuming the walls and baseboard with an extender hose before she starts painting. We have dust mixed in with some of our baseboard paint and it drives me batty. What color did you decide on? Inquiring minds wanna know! I wish I could watch you sort through everything!!!

  2. I think hiring out the odd jobs to the kids is a fabulous idea!!! Make sure you take before and after photos.

    My sis and her kids as well as my parents are all headed here for the long weekend. Should be fun!