Saturday, July 25, 2015

This week in pictures

Here's a look at this week in pictures. There was just an ordinary summer week, nothing majorly exciting but a good one nonetheless.

Cinderella dance camp last Saturday

Pool time with Kelsey and her friends on Sunday 

Newman Marcus dip for dinner on a hot summer night

 My very disorganized classroom following maintenance dept waxing floors & removing all furniture

A very sweaty me after hauling 5 loads of sticks/limbs to the curb for pickup 

Chai tea date  with one of my boy besties 

Lowder-dog protecting his lovey from little brother, Charlie

Oil change - check

 Working on my Paris planner - still lots to do before I'm ready to share. Must print pics ASAP.

Sometimes, naps happen in awkward positions, ok?! 

 Thought I'd try some new red lipstick for a change. Still undecided bc I think it's a bit aging.

 Concert in the park Friday night with the fella and his kiddo - ok music but a fun night.

 Good night kisses from Franklin, one of my grand-dogs. Kel & Jake are in Oregon for a week, so nana is in charge of all the pups this week. As you can see, they're absolutely spoiled.

That's this week in review for me. How did your week go?

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