Friday, July 24, 2015

10 Ways that I'm High Maintenance

I remember watching a movie or tv show where a character said something like this, "There are two kinds of women - ones who know they're high maintenance and those who think they aren't but really are." Well, count me in the group who admits there are a few things about me that are high maintenance. (I'm sure the fella will quietly nod as he reads this list.) Take a look.

1. Old world manners rank high on my list. I like having the door opened for me or my date's hand on my back as we walk or a gentleman who walks closest to the street. Those small gestures mean a lot to me.

2. I have a 2 degree temperature range of comfort. Remember the recent blog post about that? Air conditioning with a blanket for the chill is ideal.

3. For optimum comfort, my pillow needs to be softly squishy and cool, preferably with a smooth sateen pillowcase.

4.  Really, only Coke makes me happy in terms of soft drinks. Running out of Cokes means I'd trudge through a snowstorm for refills. Preferably, I have my Coke in a styrofoam cup with crushed ice, but that's not always possible. Oh, and the short plastic bottles just taste better than cans or tall bottles; idk why, but it's true.

5.  Textures and smells can make or break a purchase or experience for me. I prefer soft, natural fabrics and citrusy, fresh lotions/perfumes.

6.   I don't like watching game shows on tv because the constant clapping annoys me.

7. Riding in the backseat of a car won't work for me. Unless you don't mind a green, carsick version of me... On a side note, if I ever tell you to pull over, it's probably already too late.

8. I need at least 7 hours of sleep to function well. If you want me to be sweet, better make it 8. Oh, I'm also a fan of naps. Furthermore, I really don't like having to be somewhere before 10 a.m. on my days off work. Waking up early is not my fave.

9.  At a restaurant, I really like to sit in a booth while facing the doorway. I won't say anything about it usually but will try to seat myself that way.

10.  Back rubs are the way to my heart. Or tickling my inner forearm. Or stroking my face and hair. Basically, pet me, and I'm happy.

There you have it, my high maintenance list of shame. In retrospect, I prob should have asked the fella and my friends to chime in with their votes too.


  1. I am completely with you on #7 and on #1. Earlier this year I noticed the "gentlemanly" things my husband does - it definitely makes me appreciate him more.

  2. I do believe I share some of these traits with I high-maintenance too?????