Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sharing a layout - Sweet Life

Here's a look at the finished layout - I just love the color scheme of this page! While it does feature a picture of me, you might notice that it's not a selfie for a change. My friend, Tonia, actually took it when we had lunch together last fall. Interestingly enough, this was sort of an inspiration chain project for me. I had just finished the layout about Tonia joining me in Paris this summer (see yesterday's post) and realized I had this pic of me from the same day that I wanted to scrapbook somehow. Enter an all about me page - I hadn't made one in a while, so here ya go. 

I just love this piece of paper, but I knew that it might be challenging to mix other patterns with it. No matter, I decided to go for it. Y'all know that I own lots of PL style cards, so the next thing I did was search through my extensive collection of cards to find something I could use for a title and journaling cards too. I ended up with a total of 5 cards to use on this layout. Go me! At this rate, I might actually use up some of my stash. (Well, make a dent in it at least...) I played around with arranging the PL cards and finally settled on the version you see here. For me, it almost created a single block of information since I edged each card up next to the other and to my photo. Yes, there's a lot of pattern and color happening here, but it's the kind that makes me very happy.

Closeup of the title block and accompanying embellishments

Closeup of the journaling

Closeup of embellishments

And here's another look at the finished project.

What have you scrapbooked lately that makes you really happy? Was it the photo or the paper or the story or the embellishments that took you to your happy place? Do tell. :)

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