Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sharing a layout - We Went on a Vacation

I don't know about you, but this never-ending winter is really starting to get me down. They're predicting another 5-8" of snow for us tonight. In March. In the South. I'm done with the snow already. When I made this layout this past weekend, I really just needed an influx of sunshine, of sand, of summertime if at all possible. Since that wasn't in the forecast or on my calendar, I did the next best thing. I pulled out some vacation pics from 3 years ago and made a page. These are all pics of me (no surprise, right?), but they aren't selfies. They're part of a beach photo shoot I had with my bestie, Vonda, and her family.

Here's a closeup of the title block. I decided to use a premade PL style card as the title because I couldn't come up with anything any wittier to say. Shocking, I know. I layered a Pebbles tag (just for decoration) and a Dear LIzzy (?) sunshine and clouds diecut behind the photo and card for interest. I used my plain old Micron pen to write on the title card and added a pop of washi tape to the right. It's tonally appropriate to the page but not an exact match. That might really bother some people, but I"m like, "whatev." 

You might notice that I trimmed all of my photos to the same size as the PL style card. That enabled me to fit 3 photos on an 8.5 X 11 piece of paper without making it feel too crowded or cluttered. It also created a grid style layout that I always like.  The papers are Maggie Holmes, Dear Lizzy, and a random piece of floral from my scraps. I used a little more of the washi to create some vertical flow, and I also included a couple of pieces of Elle's Studios cutaparts. Not much journaling was needed, so I just tucked in a tiny bit on the cutapart card.

Here's a look at the layout completely. I like these pics mainly because of the lighting; the shadows and glows are interesting to me. I really should put the year of the pics somewhere; maybe I could go back and stamp that on the Pebbles card at the top.

Here's to sunshine and sand, not snow!


  1. Love all these layouts you have posted! You are inspiring me!

  2. i live in texas & i'm getting tired of the snow & rain too. what the ...? we're supposed to be in spring already. aren't we. you look adorable. i like seeing your layouts, but i also like your cooking, things you wear, & whatever else you feel like posting too.