Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sharing a layout - Something Splendid

One of my favorite color combinations these days is aqua and gray. Add a little bit of pink in with it, and I'm totally smitten. This layout manages to incorporate the color scheme I like so well with three PL cards; in my book, that's a win.

This top photo shows the top left hand side of the layout and features the top PL card that I used as the beginning of my journaling block. Notice that I did finish my thoughts for that card and didn't continue a sentence onto the next one. That was important to me since the cards wouldn't be right next to each other. 

In this photo, I'm showcasing the embellishments I layered at the corner of the top photo. These diecuts and stickers came from Elle's Studio and Dear Lizzy; their colors were just perfect for the feel of this layout, I think.

Here's a shot of the title block in the middle of the page. Again, I used a PL card as my title. (Since I don't do PL, I've got to use these cards up in some way.) I added some AC enamel dots, a sticker from Dear Lizzy, and a random acrylic butterfly I found in my stash.

This photo focuses on the final PL card that finishes up the journaling and an Elle's Studio diecut with the date on it.

And here you can see a Dear Lizzy sticker with a label sticker adhered on top of it.

Take a look at the finished layout as a whole. The lines of it are really clean, and that totally makes me happy. I also love the three background paper patterns that I included. It used to annoy me that I seem to layer paper in the same way much of the time, but I think I'm starting to embrace that as just how I do things.

There you have it - a simple story told in a simple way with some lovely colors and patterns. What more does a layout need? :)

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  1. I like how the journaling card on the top has pink hearts, that kind of mimic the pink of the chevron paper, and the bottom journaling card is grey, which ties in with the polka dot paper.

    I love grey and mint (aqua) together, too. In fact, I made a layout Sunday with those colors! (https://instagram.com/p/ztD3CgBwo9/?modal=true)