Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Regal Weiner - aka Lowder-dog Speaketh

Hallo! Lowder-dog here reporting to you from my fave spot in my kingdom...

Late afternoons after Mom gets home, I like to perch here and observe her movements. I ponder the big questions of life: where did I put that chewie? where can I snuggle up best so that Charlie-Satan-dog will leave me alone? what kinds of treats will Mom give me tomorrow? You know, I've gotta think about the important stuff.

Oh no, Mom has her camera out again. She's trying to take my picture, but I feel fat and old today. That turkey waddle gets me every time. And why does Mom color her hair, but mine just gets whiter and whiter?

Perhaps this is my better side... Notice how my paw curls 'neath my voluptuous chest. Alas, my nose does look pretty big from this angle.

Nope, I feel more comfortable from this angle. Do not make eye contact, and she'll go away. Do not make eye contact.

It sure is tough being a regal weiner...


  1. Hello, Lowder-dog. Don't worry, you look very cute from every angle (if that is what you're going for) -- if not, you look very [insert desired word here].

  2. Tiffany, this cracks me up!! Just today I was taking photos of our 9 yo dog. She does the same thing!! Will not look at the camera!! I'm going to do a layout about the best dogbed ever, our loveseat piled high with blankets and pillows 😄

  3. my fave post! i was laughing through the whole thing & my husband looked at me like i'm a crazy woman. ok, maybe i am. my dog mr. maddox changes where he likes to rest: our couch, the love seat, the kitchen floor, his rug, his bed, in front of the backyard door, our bed, his kennel, or he'll fall asleep on the cement or grass outside, or our bench, when the weather is good he likes to sleep on top of his doghouse like snoopy. he gets so fussy sometimes he takes the pillows i have on the furniture & moves them so he can have them underneath him or to rest his head.