Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sharing a layout - To Be or Not To Be

When I actually go in my studio and sit down to scrapbook, the hardest part for me is stopping. I just want to keep making stuff as the hours tick away on the clock. This past weekend, I managed to make 3 layouts in just a couple of hours. I could've easily spent another 5 hours in my studio working, but I had other things that just had to be done. (There's so much in life that must be done, right?) Anyway, I thought I'd share another one of my projects with you today.

This top photo focuses on the top left hand side of the layout. This time, I went the traditional route and put the title in the "normal" spot. I started with a PL card (gotta use those things!) and layered letter stickers on top. To finish it off, I stuck a little bit of washi tape at the bottom. On the right, you can see that I layered a kraft doily behind the photo to add some movement to the page and to break up all those straight, hard edges that were happening with the pics.

In this pic, you can see the bottom right hand side of the layout. Notice I used another PL card for the journaling. I also added another piece of washi tape to the OA cut apart square on the bottom right and tied in the red with an arrow sticker on the focal point photo.

Here's a look at the layout completely. (Pic is strangely dark even though I shot it in the daylight.) I thought it was a fun layout to make about my job that will help me remember things I taught many years from now.

Have you scrapbooked any school project that either you or your kids did? I think it might be a fun challenge for you to try. I definitely had a good time making this layout and remembering this event in my class.


  1. Adorable!!!! I wish I were like you when it comes to making multiple layouts in one day!

  2. Isn't "To Be or Not To Be" from Hamlet? (Or am I being too literal here -- ha, ha.)

  3. Hahaha - Laura, I couldn't fit "tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" in my title square, so I went with the figurative rather than the literal meaning. You got the gist though, right?