Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sharing a layout - Homecoming

What would a layout series of mine be without an old photo to serve as a blast from the past? Well, here you have it, a layout featuring a picture from Homecoming 1988. Are you ready for this? Lol.

No big surprise here, but I put my title on an OA card and used stickers. It's like my go-to strategy, and I'm totally okay with that. To round out the title block, I added a blue vine that matched perfectly, an Elle's Studio circle, and a dab of gold dot washi tape.

Below the title block, I used a PL card to journal (again, kind of my thing right now) and a sticker at the bottom of the photo to reference the date of the pic.

In this photo, you can see how I layered several papers to create a photo mat for my picture from the dance. I simply went to my scraps drawer and kept layering until it felt right. I added that same strip of gold washi tape vertically on each side of the picture for a bit of continuity.

On the top right side of the layout, I added a Maggie Holmes blue ribbon style sticker. I thought the colors meshed well, and I liked the subtle reference to the horse since KY is known for its horses.

And voila, the final result!

If you haven't scrapbooked anything from your childhood or teen years, I'd challenge you to try that sometime this week. I had a great time with this layout and think you'd probably feel the same if you worked with some of your old photos and memories.


  1. Love love love!!! Nothing I like better than a great layout of an older pic! I have a bunch of older photos in my pile that I'm going to scrap this year and I'm so excited. Just bought a new 8.5x11 WRMK album for it too. And I love your use of PL cards. Since I'm not doing PL this year, I want to use my cards in a similar way. Thanks for sharing your LO! Love the inspiration.

  2. so cute! love the intensity of the blues and all the patterns. it screams 80's prom! got love the 80's!!!

  3. Very cute!! I wore the white house too. What were we thinkin?