Sunday, March 15, 2015

My girl's birthday

 I took these two cuties out last weekend to celebrate Kelsey's 23rd birthday! It was a late celebration since we got a foot of snow on her actual birthday - not kidding or exaggerating. She chose Mellow Mushroom (it's a tradition now), and we stuffed ourselves with spinach dip, pizza, chocolate cookie 'cake,' and hard ciders - delish!
There weren't many gifts to open per se because her order of dance leotards and tights hadn't arrived yet. I had to just wrap up the Internet printout. :( I also wrapped up tickets to the ballet that she had requested; we'll go see "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in late April. Finally, I wrapped up a little money for her so she could go for a some spring shopping. She's such a cutie in this pic; I love it. Smart, talented, hard-working, stylish, and adorable - it's really unfair! 
Of course, Kelsey snapped a shot of me too! Happy birthday (albeit a little late) baby girl!

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