Monday, March 16, 2015

What I bought last week -revisited

In terms of shopping, I was a very bad girl last week. Very bad indeed.  I guess you could argue that this part of my haul was actually from two weeks ago since that's when I ordered it from I was hanging around on our Scrap Gals Community on Facebook (join asap if you haven't already) and one of our members pointed out that all scrapbook stuff was 50% off with only $1.99 shipping. Hello! I wasn't about to miss out on that. Here are the results of that $38 shopping spree. That's more than I should have spent, but I feel like I got quite a bit for my money.
You can see in the photo above that I snagged some OA printed embellishments and Flair. I also ordered some school themed items from Snap and some travel themed items from Bo Bunny. (I'm always in the mood for travel themed stuff.) There are also some Jillibean Soup supplies, namely some placemat style PL cards and some travelish ephemera.
My main part of the haul came from HS stuff though. As y'all know, I'm totally enamored with  her current and recent lines. Isn't that travel folio album adorable? I think it might be the perfect thing to use to document my spur of the moment spring break trip to Mexico! I loved the color change letters and the acrylic overlays that are travel themed too. Beyond that, I'd been looking for the acrylic or plastic words for a while and thought the PL style cards would be fabulous. I also broke down and bought four of her stamp sets. Y'all know I don't stamp that much, but I want to change that. Plus, they were such a good buy and so cute that I couldn't say no. I promise I'll actually use them - for reals.
As my last purchase of the week, I headed over to the half price used book store in town (at my daughter's urging ironically - I remember when she hated to read) and bought a few goodies. The four paperback books are reading for my bestie and I while we're in Mexico. We both really like Dan Brown and Steve Berry, so hopefully those will be good. We both read Galilee years ago and found it excellent; I haven't seen it in print in at least a decade, so I just had to buy it for the nostalgic factor if nothing else. I've also heard great things about Bel Canto, so I thought I might give it a try. At just $1 each for the paperbacks, I just couldn't turn them down. The books on the left are all hardback, but they were reasonably priced too. I grabbed two guidebooks to Paris that were published recently and included laminated maps of the metro and various neighborhoods. Since those are around $10-$15 each on Amazon, I'm thrilled that I paid less than $7 for both of these together. I also browsed around and settled on some sketching books. I still don't have that whole sketching or artist vibe happening, but I'm hopeful. I really, really want to sketch in Paris, so I haven't stopped dreaming of doing so. In short, I bought eight books and donated a children's book for less than $19 total. That's a pretty great deal don't you think?

Have you been naughty too? Surely I'm not the only one who has been a bit of a shopping fanatic lately...

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  1. Peachy Cheap has gotten me lately with their October Afternoon offerings. I can't pass it up! I usually check for their email right before I go to bed, 9pm here on the west coast, and there is a lovely October Afternoon selection. I can't pass it up. I got a few things a when they had the 1.99 shipping. I usually have a couple things in mind that I want, but not much this time, or at least they didn't have it. Love the podcast and your blog!