Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tiff's Tuesday Trivia

A variation of the currently list that's so popular in blogging these days, I bring you "Tiff's Tuesday Trivia" today. How's that for some alliterative flair?

1. My laundry room is still clean. It's been clean for a week now which brings me great joy. Oh, and I don't have a large pileup of laundry to address. Except for what I'm wearing, I'm all caught up on the washing and drying.

2. My contacts are still giving me fits. I'm ready to give up and just wear my glasses, but my vanity gets in the way. (I feel old and teachery in my glasses, not that my contacts actually solve either of those issues...)I'm trying yet another cleaning solution to address the fogginess I'm battling, but I'm beginning to get very frustrated with the situation.

3. I finished a book last week - Prince Lestat-  and have started a new one today - Paris to the Moon. It goes along with my plan to read a series of books about Paris before my big trip next summer.

4. Just the other night, I remarked that I'm not a very good cook anymore. This might have occurred after I threw out an entire pot of hamburger soup that wasn't fit for my dogs to eat. What happened? Did I let my cooking muscle atrophy or something? I do get some good results occasionally, but it's very inconsistent. I'm not sure I'd want to host a dinner party anytime soon or anything.

5. This is the time of year when I dream of taking mental health days off work and spending the day lounging in my pajamas. I'm not sure how this is much different from my preferred way of hanging around the house on the weekend, but I digress. Alas, I'm trying to save my sick days for retirement, so that's really just dreaming. What's a girl need to do to get a snow day sometime in February, huh? (This is ironic since I was just off work yesterday for a holiday, but work with me on this.)

6. Windows 8 on my laptop is my nemesis. It takes great willpower for me not to hurl my laptop against a brick wall. Whatever happened to the good old days of windows 7 or XP or even Vista? Aaarrrggghhh!

7. QuizUp, TriviaCrack, and Words with Friends = multiple opportunities on a daily basis to prevent my self-confidence from rising to dramatically positive levels. Nothing keeps you humble like getting your ass pounded regularly in nerdy, online games.

8. Dark chocolate almonds (Delish brand) from Walgreen's are my fave snack right now. Do not ask me to share. Nothing gets between a 40 something woman and her chocolate.

9.  Ever get sick of your clothes? I look in my closets and see plenty of options, but I end up wearing the same thing all the time because I'm lazy, or something is tight, or something is ripped/faded, or something requires pantyhose, or something needs shapewear, or something makes me feel too old/young, or blah, blah, blah. If I'm going to keep this mountain of clothes I own, I really need to try to wear more of a variety. Maybe my prob is that I think my style for fall/winter is less developed than it is for spring/summer. In the spring/summer, I live in print dresses and sandals. In the winter, things are a little more complicated. Must think about this and address the issue...

10. Recommended viewing/listening based on my choices from the past week or so - Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Star Trek (the first new one), and the Ed Sheeran channel on Pandora.

That's what's going on with me right now - any personal trivia you care to share?


  1. Come to colorado... I can promise you February Snow Days.

  2. I gave up on contacts a long time ago. I just can't wear them all day and my eyes always felt so dry. Luckily, I only need to wear glasses for driving and watching TV (anything that requires distance). At work I go without and everything is a bit of a blur at a distance, but doesn't really matter.

    I feel you on the snow days. I work in a casino and we are open 24/7/365. There are no holidays. My husband works on an Air Force base and it feels like there must be a federal holiday practically every weekend! I live in the Midwest and we have been without any significant snow this winter. Not that I ever take a snow day, but I like to think I might...