Wednesday, January 21, 2015

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Pics of 'my' neighborhood in Paris for the coming summer courtesy of my new Parisian pen pal, Caroline. (Caroline, if you're reading this, you rock!) She went shopping in 'my' neighborhood last weekend and sent me pics of my street and the cafe around the corner and the metro stop. How awesome is that?!

My street appears to be all uphill; I anticipate buns of steel by the time I return from my Paris extravaganza. Hahaha!

Oh dear cafe, I have a feeling we'll get to know each other quite well this summer.

June can't get here fast enough!  Au revoir, mon amies - Tiffany


  1. How Exciting! I hope you'll continue to write your blog from Paris this summer. Beautiful adventure awaits you on this journey.

  2. Super nice of your pen pal to send pictures. You must be getting excited! ~ Laura