Wednesday, January 28, 2015

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Kelsey's dance class

Last Saturday, Kelsey asked me to do a photo shoot with one of the dance classes that she teaches. The students range in age from 4-6, I think. It's a combo ballet, tap, gymnastics, and movement class. In other words, it's a class for kids to gain some control in using their bodies. I had a great time photographing them as they danced and twirled and listened and giggled and ran around like mad. I love the spontaneous feel of the pics; nothing here was posed. More than anything, though, I loved seeing Kelsey in her element as their teacher. The way they looked at her as she taught them reminded me of how special that relationship is between teacher and student. She has a gift for teaching, and I hope she continues to use it. I'm not sure she's aware of it, but teaching is one of her gifts.

I experimented with different lenses and various settings throughout the shoot, so some photos are crisper than others. Whatever the case, I'm pleased with the expressions and emotions I was able to capture.

Here, she demonstrates proper "ballet" arms as they practice one of their steps. These are "hefty" arms, she said.

And these are "wimpy" arms - a definite no-no.

Helping one of her kiddos get the step correct...

This pic of Kelsey is one of my favorites. I like the light coming in from the window from the side and the set of her head and shoulders. She looks like such a dancer here to me.

Look at those sweet faces as they watch her!

When it's each girls' turn to practice, she shifts into serious, focused mode.

 Check out that attitude!

The movement in this photo makes me happy.

As a side note, how cool is Kelsey's leotard? I got it for her for Christmas and just love it.

Time for a little "gymnastics" practice - rolls, backbends, and handstands.

Little girls do love to play with each other's hair.

Look at the joy on these faces!

Before class was over, they came together in a huddle to congratulate themselves on a class well-done.

Here's a shot of the empty "big-girl" studio space as you walk into the building.

And the reception area...

Love this photo of Kelsey too...

Next time, I plan to photograph her class of 2-3 year olds. That'll be an interesting batch of pics, I'm sure. :) Catch ya on the flip side!

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