Thursday, January 29, 2015

Travel Thursday - Bucket List of Summer City Rentals

If you read my blog regularly and/or listen to the ScrapGals podcast, then you probably know that I've rented an apartment in Paris for the upcoming summer. (I can't help talking about it!) I'll be spending six weeks there, and I'm crazy excited. My summer city rental bucket list begins this summer, 2016. My plan is to try to spend a chunk of time, 4-8 weeks hopefully, in a different city in the world as often as I can in the years between now and my retirement. (Fwiw, I have anywhere from 6-13 years before I'm eligible for retirement; I'm planning on 13+ at this point.)  I'd love to live abroad like that every year, but I don't know if that will be financially feasible. I'll have to wait and see, I guess. Since that's my bucket list, I thought I'd share my tentative list of bucket list cities with you now. They're listed in no particular order, necessarily, and I do reserve the right to change my mind. ;)

1. Paris - summer 2015 - booked and counting down; I've visited five times already
Me in June 2014

Kiddos and me jumping at the Arc de Triomphe in 2012

Posing with kiddos in 2012

2. Florence - this is my fave large city in Italy; I've visited four times

Posing with kids on the trip in June 2012

Me in June 2010

3. Barcelona - I've only visited there once, but I'd love to explore more

4. Amsterdam - I've only visited there once, but I'd love to explore more
Me in June 2014

5. Nice - I've visited twice

Kelsey in June 2008

Me in June 2012

6. Rome - I've visited four times
Me in June 2010

Posing with a kiddo in 2012 at the beach in Astia, outside of Rome

Another view of Astia, outside of Rome

Posing with my new buddy, Robbin, in 2012

Posing with kiddos in 2012

Me with kiddos on trip in June 2010

7. Ireland or Scotland; I've never been here

8. somewhere in Greece, prob not Athens; I visited once

Me in June 2010

9. somewhere in South America ??; I've never been there

10. boat trip along the Danube River; I've never been here, but it has been recommended to me

11. somewhere else in Spain or Portugal ; I've never been here, but I'm intrigued by the culture

12. somewhere in Eastern Europe, but I'm not sure where since I've never been before

There you have it - my bucket list of summer city rentals. I'm starting in on Paris in June 2016, but who knows where I'll go next and when. Stay tuned for more info about my upcoming trip. :)


  1. Do you mean to be saying you're going to Paris 2015? Are you not going THIS SUMMER? I'm surprised you have no interest in going to the English countryside. That's where I long to see where Beatrix Potter lived and to walk where Jane Austen walked. I will do it one day!

  2. It was a typo - I fixed it! I'm not a fan of London per se, so I guess that's why I don't think about going back to England. I can totally see you in the English countryside though. :)